1999 NATO Bombing of Serbia/Kosovo ­ “Why is the NATO bombing of former Yugoslavia

r, the purpose of the Literature Review is to develop an argument for the method chosen to

use in the research, and why this method is suitable for addressing the research question. The

literature review is also meant to give the reader a summary of the current knowledge on your topic:

how can you group the various authors under consideration? What assumptions do they share? Do

they agree about the implications of their work? Do they prioritise things the same and/or correctly?

what gaps are there in those views?

The literature review must have some kind of structure. For example, it can begin by describing a

phenomenon in a general way along with several studies that demonstrate it, then describing two or

more competing theories of the phenomenon, and finally presenting a hypothesis to test one or more

of the theories, based on the research question.

Remember that the goal is to construct an argument for why the research question is interesting and

worth addressing—not necessarily why a favorite answer to it is correct. By the end of the literature

review, readers should be convinced that the research question makes sense and that the present

study is a logical next step in the ongoing research process.

You should demonstrate awareness of key research in the relevant fields and provide an analytical

summary of current knowledge.

MUST inform the reader of previous research on the topic. Where does the research fit in the broader

knowledge of the area? How is the research similar to or different from other research in the field?

What is original in the research? Or if is proposed to replicate previous research, then why is such

replication necessary and to what end? Use the literature review to offer a narrowly focused critique

on the previous research that has direct relevance to the proposed study.

What has each source contributed to the reader’s understanding of the topic and how it has

advanced the knowledge on the topic. There is NO limit on sources! Must use as many as possible out

there. In fact, who are the key people that kicked off this field??? Ask questions that the Literature

Review cannot answer. What HASN’T been answered yet??? What has not been answered about the


When referencing, follow this structure: (John, 2012: 5; Megan, 2000: 56; Lee, 2006: 110). Please

use page numbers, as seen. This Literature Review will not have one source per sentence, rather, 2­5

sources per relevant reference. This must not sound like an essay where you find only one source per

line. IT IS IMPORTANT TO represent BOTH sides of the story. E.G. ­ NON­INTERVENTIONIST and FOR

THE INTERVENTION. So, finding sources that say the bombing was necessary, and others that say it

was not humanitarian as intended ­ 50/50 balance between each perspective on the topic. Sources

have been attached.

Watch out for judgemental/biased language. Do not take sides. This literature review must be neutral

and must not favor a position on the topic. Thus, no opinion and equal debate from both sides. This

is not the place for arguing a case. It should more sound like E.G. “One school of thought within this

scholarship is A, one is B, another bunch of scholars have tried to synthesise it and come up C, and

no one has looked at D.” Please do not argue an opinion

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