Accounting/Operations Management Help needed asap


No Plagarism please! Assignment not difficult…just need to review some documents and information to get the jest of what is needed to explain the balance sheet, income stmt and cash flow projections for a business plan in a word document. That information is to be fed into the attached excel spreadsheet template.


Academic writing exercise. No APA format or a cover page needed


 In this assignment,


Company has many diversified products ranging from fruit juices, an assortment of flavored water, vitamin water and other non-alcoholic beverages. The company will initially hire more than 500 employees to work in the warehouse and at its administrative offices.




I have attached a sample business plan for a sample of the concept as well as a sample business plan financials guide. This info needs to be written in a word format. These are some figures to be included in the accounting sheets. Please include any additional to be considered in the Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet




Operations Costs:


 Mixers 28500


Bottling machines: 38400


Vans: 60000


Computers: 4800


Software: 750:


Labeling equipment: 6000


Printers: 7200


Total: 145,650.00


Technology info to consider:


1. enterprise planning software that can be customized to the needs and production levels of the company


2. customer relations software : analysis of data mined from potential customers on the social media networks needed to produce unique products.


3. four computers to run the different system and ensure that there is a seamless connection between all the departments


4. software: a- installed and used in the company processes will be able to integrate all the activities of the company, b- track goods from the purchase raw materials, productions of drinks, taking inventories and managing the staff b-


5. auto cappers: machine instead of manually pressing the placing the bottle caps in place.


6. working with third party companies to gain wider market


7. social media




CEO investing 100,000.00 looking for angel investments, other investors.


1. first level of company employee’s is semi-skilled and blue-collar workforces


2. consultants and outsource staff like industrial engineers and quality assurance officers to provide technical guidance.


3. president of the company


4. secretary and legal officer


5. computer expert


6. Operational Manager


7. production, packaging and distribution employees


8. fork operators


9. Supervisors


For year one of Company’s Business Plan, complete the Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet.  




Please include:


  1. Sources and use of funds

  2. Plan assumptions

  3. Break-even analysis


    application/ iconbusinessfinancialsmarketing.xlsm

    application/ iconbusiness_plan_financials.xlsm

    application/pdf iconbusiness_plan_financials_guide.pdf

    application/pdf iconnab_company_portfolio_3-10-15.pdf


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