Advantage for both a provider and patient

From the provider and patient perspective, an advantage of being the gatekeeper is that you are able to get to know your patients. For example, my mother works at a nursing home as a certified medical technician for about 45 patients. There was one particular case where a patient was acting out of character, they were responsive but they were very sleepy and sluggish almost lethargic in a sense. At that time, they had a supervising nurse that was filling in from a nursing pool. My mother mentioned the change in her behavior to the nurse, so the nurse did the patients vitals and did some testing and everything that she did came back normal. However, this patient was still acting strange, so my mother pushed the issue and had her sent out to a hospital. This is where they discovered that this patient had a potentially fatally high sugar level. If it had not been for my mother knowing the patient well, this patient could have died. This is a perfect example of how having a gatekeeper is an advantage for not only the provider and the patient. Another advantage for both the provider and patient is that you build trust in the patient provider relationship that allows for the provider-to-provider services efficiently without having to deal with a patient who is uncomfortable. For example, I have had one doctor for most of my life and now she is the doctor for my children if she recommends something for me I am more willing to do it because I trust her and I know she truly has my best interest in mind.

Some disadvantages for the provider is trying to go thru the hassle of keeping cost down when in this day in age due to advancement in technology healthcare costs are higher. This can also be a disadvantage to the patient in that they may not be getting the best quality care because the provider maybe only focusing on costs and not on quality. Another disadvantage to both the provider and patient is that s providers have strengths and weaknesses some providers may be able to recognize a certain illness quicker than others which can go unseen if you’re only seeing one provider every time you go get a checkup.




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