Assessment Type: Business report and presentation

The module assessment is designed to enable learners to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes for the module as set out above through. The formative element of the module assessment consists of an individual based formulation assignment researching the a specific innovation chosen by the student involved. For the purposes of this assignment each learner will function as an external strategy consultant reporting to, and advising, the Board of Directors of their chosen organisation. The role play aspect of the assignment requires learners to relate academic theory, frameworks, and models to a contemporary organisational/industry context with which learners are familiar from their research/classwork and constitutes a valuable opportunity for learners.


Details of assignment brief


A formal written report setting out the background to the consulting assignment and addressing the principal requirements specified below


The assignment must be submitted in electronic format using moodle. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that ttheir submission is accessible, and to keep an electronic copy of it in a separate storage device.



The report to the Board of Directors should contain the following principal elements:


  • You are looking to implement an innovation.  This can be a new or revised service; a new or upgraded product; a new or modified process.

You are looking to solve a problem, improve some issue or issues or take advantage of an opportunity.  The success of the innovation can be judged by commercial success either by earning revenue or by saving costs.  It could also be judged successful by improving services or solving problems in society.


  • Analyse the Issue or Problem

Why is this issue, problem or opportunity of interest? Why is it useful to have a solution or outcomes? How will it improve the situation? What will you learn by completing this project?

  • Analyse what you have read

It is not enough to just read, you need to interpret the thoughts of the authors even if they agree with each other. Do they help you with your research problem or issue? Has any of it clarified a way forward or possibly prevented you from taking an action which will fail? As a result of your deliberations / synthesis of ideas you will move on to step 5.

  • Develop recommendations and conclusions.

This report will build on the interim report and provide a synopsis of the problem or issue, provide the context and then go on to describe how the innovation can be realised and provide conclusions and recommendations to the organisation.

  • Presentation and Final Report

The report provides detailed analysis of the work undertaken with the key technical, organisational, financial and commercial issues fully described and assessed.  All decisions taken should be analysed and evaluated in relation to the subject areas of IT Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Key findings should be presented and followed by clear recommendations. 

It must explore alternatives and propose solutions using appropriate methods and evaluation. 

The report must also contain the following:


A numbered contents page

An Executive Summary

An identifiable main body


A list of References and Bibliography

Numbered Appendices (where appropriate).

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