Assignment and Public Health material

The second part of your assessed work will build on the conceptual model from Part A. In your written assignment, you will develop your own public health campaign material that targets a specific group for health improvement. The public health material could be a leaflet or poster, the script for a television or radio campaign, or design for a smartphone app. The material will be accompanied by 2500-3000 words of reflective essay with a rationale for your decisions in your public health material. You will use theories and models that you have used through your course to inform the material that you prepare. You may also find it helpful to use the conceptual model that you present in part A.Please note the deadline and ensure that your file is submitted ahead of time.

In writing this assignment you should consider the following:  Demonstrating an understanding of the learning outcomes of the module  Showing creativity and independence in designing public health material

One possible structure is as follows

1. Introduction to target health behaviour and population (500 words)

2. Brief description of typical health models/interventions to address this issue (500 words)

 3. Brief description of your conceptual model to address this health intervention (500 words)

 4. Your health material: Images/story board / text from your health campaign with accompanying rationale for your decisions (1000 words)

 5. Consideration of how your health promotion material may change behaviour (500 words)

These learning outcomes can be understood in the following ways:   

1.  Learning Outcome 1 expects students to critique different models and theories of behaviour change, saying where there are inconsistencies and problems with models, and where these models might be useful in explaining behaviour change.

2.  For learning outcome 2, students are expected to refer to specific models and theories of behaviour change when developing their own health promotion materials. 

3.  To meet the passing criteria for learning outcome 3, students will be expected to take a health promotion campaign and think about how models and principles of health behaviour and health communication were used to develop the campaign. For this learning outcome, you are expected to think of both positive and negative sides of how the campaign has been constructed. 

4.  Learning outcome 4 expects students to think about the broader issues around behaviour change and factors that might affect how people behave and how they might be encouraged to change their behaviour to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

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