Brand Management

The objective of this group assignment (not more that 5 members in a group) is for you to analyze and apply some few concepts in Brand Management. It is intended that you will be able to comprehend and blend theory with practice of these concepts. This your group will do by selecting a brand of your group’s choice and apply certain brand management concepts.

Having gained an understanding of different aspects of Brand Management, this done via lectures, discussions, and case study analysis, now for this assignment you are expected to read and use offline and online resources e.g. brand articles from brand week, Gulf Marketing Review, and also scientific academic articles from online journals (Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Product & Brand Management, Journal of Destination Marketing & Management) these are available at Emerald via ADSM Moodle site.

For this this assignment, your group is expected to use any one only of the three Brand Equity Models presented and discussed in class. For example your group may apply “David Aaker’s Brand Equity Model”, on a brand of your group’s choice of Johnson baby oil.  

1. The brand is “Johnson baby oil”.

2. Choose one of three Brand Equity Models to understand and analyze your brand e.g. David Aakers Model (or) Chernatony and McDonald’s Brand Equity and Brand Attributes Model (or) Kevin Lane Keller’s Customer-Based Brand Equity Model.

3. Explain the model, use text and journal papers to read and understand the model, if there has been any criticism of the model make sure to cover it in your discussion. Use at least 3 journal papers to identify the model, its criticism and application to brands in the real world. 

4. Get a thorough understanding of the brand you have chosen before you begin to conduct a Brand Equity Audit by visiting the brand website, do observational research as to how the brand is placed in a shopping environment, and whether its prominently displayed in a retail environment e.g. Al-Ain products in Carrefour. Investigate the brand to address all elements of the Brand Equity Model e.g. Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, Secondary Brand Associations, Other Proprietary Knowledge. 

5. Provide recommendations to the brand after conducting the Brand Equity Audit Analysis – what could they do better to raise their Brand Equity?


6. Submit in a report form, between 2000-3000 words, 12 Font size, Times Roman Font type

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