Business and Management Decision Making

Use your favorite research methods, Internet search or otherwise, and find ONE example of an innovation / creativity that was not successful, ie a failure. (Finding failures is difficult.)

What were the reasons given for failure? Which of these reasons relate to the creativity blocks? Critically analyse!

You must approach this as an investigation of academic thinking around the topic and critically discuss concepts, purpose and applications of such methods. To obtain a grade C or better, you must clearly demonstrate that you have read around relevant academic topics beyond lecture materials and that you have a strong foundation of understanding.

Part B 

A large high-technology company launched a project to begin thinking more systemically about strategy. “QUINCE” – a fictional name – designed, manufactured, sold, and serviced a product that was essential for most businesses. The company, however, was feeling financial pressures. The most dramatic of these were experienced by the Equipment Servicing Division, which contained the company’s largest workforce.

The Equipment Servicing Division was in serious financial trouble, which it had been trying to manage by cutting positions, which did seem to improve profits temporarily. Now, faced with new pressures, it seemed obvious to the financial group within the division that it was time to cut the workforce once again. Others in the division, however, felt that downsizing was exactly what the company should not do. Instead, this group argued strongly that improving service quality was the solution to their financial woes.

When representatives from these two conflicting groups were brought together, the debate became almost hostile. It was clear that the issue of downsizing was painful to both sides. Because of the need to explore this topic further, your consulting team has been invited to work with members of the division using a systems thinking approach.

During a session on using systems thinking, your team developed causal loops diagrams that explored the issues of downsizing and service quality in the Equipment Servicing Division. The central question that emerged from this session was whether the financial gains from downsizing would be offset by a decline in service quality and, ultimately, a decline in sales’….

Part B: 
Complete the below:

Develop and submit a simple CLD model, ie draw a representative model, helpful in clarifying the assumptions behind the two contradictory views of the business to enable the managers to become comfortable with the basic dynamics of the system. Move your system from representation of existing dynamics to a possible solution scenario.

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