Business Seminar Organizational Analysis Paper

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1 Instructions for Individual Organizational Analysis Paper Each student will perform an individual organizational analysis of a company of his/her choosing. If you choose to focus your paper on a specific division or geographic region of the firm, please make sure to emphasize this. However, it might be easier to find information on the general company rather than on specific sub units of the company. The sections of the individual organizational analysis paper to be turned in are as follows:

Section 1 (covers Chapters 1 and 2)

Section 2 (covers Chapters 3 and 4)

Section 3 (covers Chapters 5, 6, and 7)

Section 4 (covers Chapters 8, 9, and 10)

Section 5 (covers Chapter 11)

Section 1 covers: Mission, Vision, Values; Industry; Competitive Forces Model; Industry Life-cycle analysis; Macro-environment forces

Section 2 covers: Resources; Capabilities; Value Creation; Value Chain; Competitive Advantage; Durability of Competitive Advantage; Sustainability of Competitive Advantage; Functional Level Strategies

Section 3 covers: Market segmentation; Generic Business-level strategies; Business-Level Strategy and the Industry Environment (growth industry, mature industry, declining industry); Technology

Section 4 covers: The Global and National Environment; Global Expansion; Global Strategy; Corporate-Level Strategy (Horizontal integration, vertical integration, and strategic outsourcing); Diversification

Section 5 covers: Stakeholder Impact Analysis; Profitability and Profit Growth; Principal-Agent Relationships; Balanced Scorecard Approach; Ethical Issues These 5 sections must address the concepts shown above and how they apply to your individual topic organization. 2 The final paper should include a maximum 1-page introduction and a maximum 2-page history/company background. The rest of the paper should be comprised of the sections you will have written over the course of the semester.

However, your final paper will add a new section (Section 6) that presents your suggested strategic recommendations, and your final conclusions. Your conclusions should be the result of your analysis, and your recommendations should be directions and actions that the firm should take based on your analysis. You should show how all the analysis you performed led you to your recommendations.

Do not bring up random possible courses of action, then leave them unexplained. Instead, you must make decisions as to which actions/combination of actions (recommendations) would make the most sense for the company. Other information (graphs, tables, charts) or analysis may be included in your report if you think it would be helpful. Note that the emphasis of your final paper should be on the proposed actions, the thought processes behind them, and the expected impacts of these actions. You are highly encouraged to include charts, graphs, and tables that will help illustrate many of your points / arguments.

The paper should be at least 20 pages long (Not including cover page and bibliography, graphs and tables), double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Please remember to submit as a Word document, include your name, the date, course# and the name of the assignment on the first page. Do not include an abstract in your final paper. Citations must be included in text with full references at the back (bibliography). Information from websites with pre-written papers is not admissible!

Do not plagiarize. DO NOT INCLUDE AN ABSTRACT in your final paper. Citations must be included in text with full references at the back (bibliography). Information from websites with pre-written papers is not admissible! Use APA format for citations. Reports turned in with inappropriate citation procedures, or lacking citations completely will be graded accordingly.

You may want to search online for APA standards. One such site is:, but you are welcome to search for your own sources as well. Some sources where you could find more information about your company: (Contact the ULV Library – sometimes you can access this website through the Library without having to incur costs. See if Library has an access code for students.)

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