Case Analysis -Bank of America.

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In writing this paper, please use the information in columns D, E, F, G, H and I found in the Excel sheet.

The paper should be structured as follows:

  1. Executive Summary/Introduction: (1 page) Using the data you have collected from the company website and other publicly available information, prepare the executive summary that should clearly state the objectives, background and the main findings of your corporate governance assessment paper on the selected company.
  1. Company Background (1 page): Prepare a brief, one page maximum review of the company background, important issues reported in its US SEC filings, and other information you have collected. You may provide the following information in an attached exhibit, with proper references provided
  2. The company organization, its values, vision, mission, products (keep it very short);
  3. Corporate financial information, revenues, capitalization, stock price, ROE, ROI, PE ratio, Book/Market ratio, its management team and corporate governance practices. Using a table in the appendix, discuss some of the highlights. (Prepare a short table of information and attach it to the end in an appendix);

iii.            Do not simply copy and paste from company web site.  Summarize the information.

  1. Make sure you provide references properly. Provide the list of references at the end of the report.
  2. The CG Survey Results: (3 pages) Using the 100-question CG survey instrument you will be provided by the instructor, determine your survey findings and calculate the CG score. Using the guidance in the provided survey instrument, rank this company (from 1-5) based on your survey score. A suggested structure is:
  3. Using the CG Scoring Survey tool you are provided, process the 100 questions and summarize the findings of the scoring survey. You may provide charts as exhibits at the end to provide this information.
  4. Next, discuss your CG Scoring findings. Provide the table from the survey Excel spread sheet results.
  5. Next, discuss specifically the corporate governance Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), and how some of the observations you have made relate to pertinent topics covered in the course.

Do not simply copy the data as found in the corporate web site. For any such information, paraphrase and write it in your own words. If you use any corporate web site information, or other sources, then show references.

  1. Try to be concise. Avoid using the language from any web site. Please summarize in your own words.
  2. Findings and conclusions: (3 pages) Using the findings and the results of your survey, discuss the SWOT and the available corporate governance mechanisms that are relevant to the chosen firm and the advantages and disadvantages of those mechanisms. While discussing your findings, try to bring in academic literature and/or provide practical evidence to support your argument. Expand the discussion on the theory (ies) behind the main CG issues that are identified. Your recommendations should have three to five specific points the company board could do to improve a situation you have determined in the company. The conclusions (2 pages) should summarize the main findings and discuss their implications for the particular firm, investors, regulators and the economy.
  3. Attachments: Include references, charts figures and/or tables to support your report.
  4. The Final Paper: Altogether your paper written in MEMO style should not exceed maximum of 8 pages, excluding appendices. No limit on the number of appendices you provide.

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