Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed

2. Evaluate organizations as complex adaptive systems and select appropriate strategies for embedding principles of sustainability into organizational design and practice

3. Justify the relevance of organizational culture as a constraint or promoter of survival and growth

4. Critically assess the role of leadership in delivering organizational efficiency and capacity through the development of human capabilities World Class Professional Skills Assessed This assignment will help to develop your ability to link theory and practice, reach conclusions that demonstrate your understanding of how management behaviour influences organizational performance and assess your understanding of sustainability in relation to renewing organizations.

PLO 1: Apply critical thinking to the analysis of situations, draw appropriate conclusions and make recommendations for action

PLO 3: Apply a critical and reflective awareness of sustainability and ethical issues Task Using the Unilever as your case study organization write a report of 4000 (+/- 10%) words (excluding the Executive Summary) which answers the question below To what extent do the structure, culture and leadership of Unilever encourage long-term sustainable performance such that the organization may survive and prosper in a global knowledge economy? This task requires you to analyse the internal environment of Unilever and measure the level of congruence/harmony it displays with the external environment – i.e. the global knowledge economy. You may consider any of its global operations or you may wish to focus on UK & Ireland. Whichever level of analysis you wish to conduct you must identify the scope of your discussion when outlining the purpose and objectives of your Report. You need to consider structure, culture, and leadership in relation to whether they are likely to enable the longterm survival of the organization. In other words are the practices likely to deliver sustainable performance.

Since we 2 CMSO ASSIGNMENT 2 GUIDANCE are operating in a global knowledge economy, the context in which the organization is operating must be taken into consideration. So, evaluation must assess whether current practices enable the organization to respond effectively to the factors driving a knowledge economy – capacity for learning, innovation, speedy decision-making, responsiveness to customers/ employees etc. Is it in a fit state to maximise opportunities for innovation and therefore enhance competitiveness. As a minimum you should access the appropriate corporate web site where a range of material can be found about their purpose, principles and values, innovation and their approach to approach to sustainability.

A suggested resource list can be found on page 6, which lists a range of web sites that have information about Unilever plus a number of Harvard Business Review references. This is by no means an exhaustive list and you should explore beyond this You must be selective in the use of the material – remember you need to create a critical discussion and should avoid being overly descriptive.

Therefore, identify practice which illustrates a key point and evaluate whether the practice is useful, enhances the capability of the organization enabling it to prosper or perhaps falls short or is likely to create problems or issues for the organization either in the short or long term. Remember no organization is perfect. You must weave an argument utilising both practice and academic theory so the use of citations is critical. Failure to support your discussion with citations means that the statements are not justified and any conclusio

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