Company Policy Covering Expatriate Assignments


Assessment task Guide

Individual assignment  (3500 words excluding references)  

As the HR manager in a medium sized Australian accounting company with joint venture investments in China, the US and Malaysia, write a company policy covering expatriate assignments

The policy should be based on leading practices, and cover selection, pre-departure, during assignment, and post assignment issues, including aspects addressed in Vance (2016) Chapters 6-10 (the following picture is the book, you can find e-book from the internet, you also can access from this link, if it not work, please try your ways to find the book) as well as material from your readings.


Your company’s strategy is based on the provision of quality services at a competitive (but not the lowest) price. The company has a very strong equal opportunity culture, and the policy also needs to address issues relating to women and minorities.

The report needs to be written as a policy document, not an essay, but you must include in text references and a reference list indicating where you have sourced your best practice concepts. This list must include at least 12 quality articles (excluding the textbook). 5 of the articles need to be from academic references; the remainder can be from reputable consulting company reports.


Some Analysis and thinking…

Read the documents referenced in the instructions for this assignment.

Clearly define the key terms such as inclusion and diversity

Briefly describe the current situation?

What does the wider HR literature tell us about inclusion and diversity?

Identify some of the main factors that have lead to this situation.


Policy Writing (From HR council of Canada)


A policy is a formal statement of a principle or rule that members of an organization must follow. Each policy addresses an issue important to the organization’s mission r operations.

A procedure tells members of the organization how to carry out or implement a policy. Policy is the “What” and the procedure is the “How to”

Policies are written as statements or rules.

Procedures are written as instructions, in logical steps.

This assessment is about a policy, not a procedure!


Components of a policy


Important points –Referencing

References – not usually included in text of a policy, but should include for this assessment to show source of the practice you are including.

Correct example:

All applicants shortlisted applicants for expatriate positions should undergo psychology testing using the XYZ interest. (Smith & Wesson 2014). For legal reasons, US candidates should not be tested (Jones 2017) but instead should submit a paper on the economic and social aspects of the country of assignment.


Assessment Criteria for Task 3 are based on the following (a marking rubric will be provided):

  • Key issues have been developed
  • Synthesis of the relevant literature used.
  • Ideas and assertions substantiated through use of high quality reference material and key academic perspectives/views
  • Explicit linking of the literature to the policy.
  • The avoidance of opinions or arguments that are not substantiated by quality references.
  • Clear and comprehensive written style (spelling, grammar, syntax.)
  • Appropriate Harvard style referencing (in text and list of references) refer





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