Concept proposal and Concept Board-Marketing Essay

Assessment Requirements:

This assessment comprises of a concept proposal and a concept board that should follow on from your first assignment. Therefore, the work that you have done in the first assignment (critical situational analysis and business justification report) will be relevant to this element of the coursework.

Now that you have chosen your brand (R White ) you must now produce:

a) A concept proposal outlining and justifying your brand extension (NB. Developing a concept is the third stage of the linear new product development process and has been covered in lectures and previous tutorials.)

b) A concept board (to accompany the concept proposal).

The Concept Proposal – Guidance

1. You are to produce a word –processed concept proposal, maximum 3,000 words; in report format (you do not need an executive summary).

That said it is important to use relevant headings and sub-headings. This must justify the proposed new branded article (brand extension) by referring to market factors and, especially, brand theory.

2. This must include a product description, using the terminology covered in Keller and other academic sources

3. You must also discuss how your original branded article adheres to the brand heritage concept as proposed by Urde

4. Apply relevant brand language concepts and theory (brand name analysis, four building blocks and brand image), throughout the report to explain and justify your concept proposal. This is your opportunity to show initiative and to demonstrate how much you have learnt from the text-book on brand concepts and theory.

5. Apply the brand image transfer model and discuss how you aim to maintain and transfer aspects of the brands heritage

6. Use the Harvard referencing method.

Submit the Concept Proposal ONLY to Turnitin and attach the originality Report to the hard copy

Concept Board – Guidance

To support your proposed branded article you should provide a Concept Board (picture board). The requirements for this are as follows:

1. The Concept Board should be A3 paper, which will be folded in half and attached to the back of the concept proposal. Your tutor will demonstrate this.

2. Depict (draw) the proposed new branded article, complete with appropriate packaging and brand name. There are examples on the internet and your tutor will guide you on this. (Note: It is up to you whether you use a software package to create the visual image, or use traditional methods.)

3. Include a title and a concept statement. (Your tutor will cover concept statements in class.)

4. Make annotations on your concept board to highlight how you have applied the image transfer model (i.e. family resemblance)


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