Contemporary Issues in Accounting

You are required to choose one of the following questions for your essay. It should be between 2,000-2,500 words and it constitutes 30% of your final grade.

Full assignment details follow the questions:

Topic 3: The Role of Accounting in Society

Critically evaluate the following quote:

“It seems to me, that your power is a hidden power, because people only think of you as communicating reality, but in communicating reality, you construct reality.”

“That’s right. A hidden power…” (Hines, 1988, p. 257)

If you choose this essay topic, you should critique this article:

Morgan, G. (1988), Accounting as Reality Construction: Towards a New Epistemology for Accounting Practice, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol. 13 No. 5, pp. 477-485.

Research Essay:– 30%

If you choose to write the formal essay, you must write an essay responding to the one of the quotes. It is to be a critical evaluation. David will discuss the essay requirements in more detail in week 9.

In your evaluation, we expect you to express an opinion as to whether or not you agree or disagree with the statement and why. The clarity of the arguments in support of your opinion will be considered.

It is important to ground your essay in reality. Thus, you are encouraged, wherever possible, to base your essay discussion on real examples. The best essays will take one example (real life – form media, class, etc) and use it throughout their essay.

This is an ESSAY.  Therefore, there should be an introduction, a conclusion, and the main body of the essay should include your arguments and the points to support your arguments. The expected length is between 2,000-2,500 words. The essay should include a word count on the title page or front cover. 

You are expected to reference in this essay. When you use a source (quotes, statistics, or ideas, for example) you must reference this. Also, provide a bibliography of sources. The University prefers the Harvard (UC) style:

The assignment must be written individually. It is not permitted to submit a group essay.
This is a compulsory assessment item. Students failing to submit the research essay will be awarded a fail grade (NC) for the unit. See also the Subsection ‘Extension Request of Assignment Submission Date’ below.

Assignment marking criteria:

The Research Essay Assignment will be assessed on the following basis:

Research Analysis – demonstrated by drawing upon and employing relevant research in contemporary issues in accounting – 30 %

Relevant and logical progression of argument and problematisation – 20%.

Appropriate application of contemporary issues in accounting concepts as explained and discussed in the unit – 20%.

Effective communication – 30%.

Marks will be deducted for:

A 30% penalty will apply for not complying with one or more of the submission requirements.

A 30% penalty will apply for not complying with one or more of the presentation requirements.

Late submission of assignments may attract a penalty of 10% (% of the total mark for the assignment – ie the gross mark) per day (including week-end and public holidays) effective from 5:01pm on the submission date.

Submission requirements:

Students will submit a copy of the assignment via the Assignment Drop Box on the Moodle Site of the Unit by the deadline.

Note that the assignment copy must be received by the 5 pm deadline or the 10% penalty may be applied at the discretion of the unit convener.

Assignment presentation requirements:

Each assignment must be word processed. Pages must be numbered.

Correct spelling and grammar as well as professional presentation are expected.


Students are required to sign, scan and electronically attach a coversheet with their assignment.  The coversheet can be accessed at:

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