Criminology & Policing

The media tends to focus its gaze on the crimes of the powerless and neglects those of the powerful’.Is this statement still true in the age of citizen journalism? Discuss.

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Assessed stop and search task

In a 1,000 word written essay briefly explain the police power of stop and search in the UK (London) and in New York and the intention with the common use of this policing style. Make reference to London and New York as two large globalised cities and what this means in terms of crime prevalence. Note the specific legislation that enables the police to stop and search people on the streets in London and in New York. Indicate the difference between the 3 pieces of legislation relating to stop and search in London that was mentioned in week three’s Policing in the Contemporary Period lecture.

London and England and Wales data analysis

In your 1,000 word summary comment on what the general trend in stop and search police activity has been in England and Wales and New York over the years from the data records up to 2015. You must include in your discussion the percentage increase in the total number of stop and searches in England and Wales between 2003/4 and the high point in 2008/09 and the percentage decrease has been between 2008/09 and 2013/14 as shown in SS.01 on the excel file. Analyse the trends and increases and decreases in use of the three pieces of legislation. For instance, note the overall trend in the use of Section 1, Section 60 and Section 44/47A police stop and search powers and calculate the percentage increases and decrease of these different stop and search power between the years. You need to refer to the total numbers and percentage increases and decreases when making these calculations.

What is the most common reason stop and searches are made for in the London region as recorded in 2013/14 in SS02, and what are the second and third most common reasons that follow? What offence category is the least common reason for stop and searches being carried out in the London region? Include the total numbers reported in your discussion so that you can distinguish between the level of difference in each category. When analysing these figures read the Eastwood, Shiner and Bear report (2013) to see if you can make some links to their findings.

Analysing SS07 in the excel file look at the number of stop and searches carried out under Sec 44 of the Terrorism legislation and discuss the figures in relation to the total number of stop and searches carried out and the total number of arrests that were made from these searches, and indeed those that were related to terrorism.

Does this indicate police stop and search in detecting terrorism related activity?

Analyse and comment on SS.12 and police stop and search in relation to self-identified ethnicity and the reporting that people from minority ethnic backgrounds are disproportionately stopped. Reflect on this with reference to Bowling and Phillips (2007).

New York data analysis

From the New York graph and figures on the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) calculate the percentage increase in stop and frisks in New York City between 2002 and 2011 and the percentage decrease between 2011 and 2015. Use the total numbers and the percentages in your discussion. Which year saw the greatest percentage decrease and what could that be related to?

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