Critically evaluate three different methods for treating generalised anxiety disorder

Essay Instructions




Length: 1350–1500 words




You must begin with one introductory paragraph of approximately 100–150 words. You should define your main terms, mention the prevalence of generalised anxiety disorder, outline the symptoms and consequences of generalised anxiety disorder, give a rationale for the essay topic, state the treatments you will be evaluating, and give the reader an indication of what you will be arguing.


Essay body

In the main body of the essay, you present the information that has a bearing on your argument. There are many ways of going about this section. However, the most important thing is that you have a well-developed and balanced argument that addresses the exact topic. Your argument should be so clear, that by the time the reader gets to the end of the body, he or she should already know what you will be concluding. In discussing the different articles, you will need to strike a balance between describing everything in graphic detail and giving so little detail that the reader is not clear what was involved in the studies.

As noted earlier, you do not necessarily have to mention every reading in detail. You may find that you will only want to make brief mention of some studies, while describing others in more detail.


The links to the full journal articles for the Essay is supplied below. Be sure to cite at least FIVE articles from below and cover THREE treatments in the essay.


Article 1:


Article 2:


Article 3:


Article 4:


Article 5:


Article 6:






In this essay, it is important that you critically evaluate the different treatments and studies rather than just describe them. Provide comment on what the different findings suggest or show. Some description will be necessary so that the reader understands the treatment you are talking about, but you must go beyond this. You should consider questions such as the following:


● What were the positive characteristics of the study/s (e.g., what was

the aim of the study, how many

participants/articles, how were participants/articles recruited, what procedure/inclusion criteria was used)?

●Were the treatment outcomes consistent with the overall aim of the treatment/study?

●What were the main benefits of the treatment?

●Was the treatment effective in the short-term? In the long term?

●How does it compare with other treatments in terms of effectiveness?

●Are there any negative features (e.g., side-effects) of the treatment?

●Are there any alternative explanations of the findings?

●Is there a methodological flaw in the research design that could limit the generalisability of the results?

●Is more research needed before definite conclusions can be drawn regarding the effectiveness of different



** Not all articles will specifically address each of these questions. They are merely intended to give you some guidance as to the sorts of things you should consider. Do not feel that you have to include everything. Try to provide at least two or more advantages and disadvantages for each treatment and study critiqued


** limit direct quotes (only 1 or 2) 



CONCLUSION: The concluding paragraph should be approximately 100–150 words.


1.Define main terms, such as generalised anxiety disorder; outline the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder

2. Indicate the prevalence of generalised anxiety disorder (to help provide rationale for essay topic)

3.Outline the consequences of generalised anxiety disorder (rationale for essay topic)

4.Outline the THREE treatments to be critically evaluated

5. Indicate the argument to be made.


First, Second and Third Treatment:


1.Describe the FIRST/SECOND/THIRD treatment

2.Discuss the positive characteristics of the research study/studies

3.Outline strengths of treatment (e.g. Outcomes)

4.Outline any shortcomings of treatment (e.g., side-effects)

5.Discuss the negative characteristics of the research study/studies



Restate the rationale for essay

Summarise the effectiveness of FIRST treatment

Summarise the effectiveness of SECOND treatment

Summarise the effectiveness of THIRD treatment

Sum up main argument, outside treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.



References, Citations and writing style


1.Title page formatted correctly

2. indent first line of each new paragraph

3. introduction and concluding paragraphs are 100-150 words in length each

4. 350-400 words aprox 2 paragraphs provided for critique of each treatment.

5. At least 5 of the articles provided cited in text and included in reference list.

6. In-text citations correctly used and formatted to support ideas.

7. correct use of grammer, numbers, point form, spelling, abbreviations.

8. Reference list correctly formatted.






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