CSS- Cascading Style Sheet

Discussion 1

“CSS Styles” Please respond to the following:

    • CSS styles can be inline, internal, or external, and can contain numerous forms such as class and ID styles. Explain which styles take precedence and how the precedence is established. Provide an example where multiple levels of styles would be used and why. 
    • Describe at least three special features that can be added using Cascading Style Sheets. Explain why you picked these three and include an example of how each is beneficial.Discussion 2

Discussion 2

CSS and the Web Environment”

    • Please respond to the following:
      • From the first e-Activity, there are several ways to specify colors in a Cascading Style Sheet. Analyze the pros and cons of these different methods. When determining which method to use, identify the factors you need to consider.
        • The web is a complicated environment where many technologies coexist. From the second e-Activity, identify the technology and the Web page you found. Briefly summarize the article and then analyze two challenges of the chosen technology. Be sure to include the link to where your class can go to read more about it. DO NOT copy / paste the article into your discussion.
      • Go to Six Revision’s Website and read “A Guide to CSS Colors in Web Design,” located at http://sixrevisions.com/css/colors-webdesign/. Be prepared to discuss.
        • Use the Internet to locate an article on one of the technologies used in Web services, such as open source languages and packages, proprietary languages and packages, and enterprise Web development and distributed Web applications. Be prepared to discuss.  Week 3 e-Activity

        Discussion 3

        AppLocker versus Software Restriction Policies”  Please respond to the following:

        • From the e-Activity, compare and contrast Software Restriction Policies and AppLocker from an application control function. Suggest two (2) situations that would influence your decision if you were choosing to use either Software Restriction Policies or AppLocker within a network environment. 
        • As common knowledge suggests, many organizations limit or restrict the applications used by their employees in order to reduce both the catalog of supported applications, and support and help desk escalations. Provide one (1) argument for and (1) argument against this practice. Next, determine which of the arguments provided aligns closest to your beliefs about restricting access to applications. Provide a rationale for your response.
        • This is the e-activity

          Go to the Microsoft Technet Website and read the articles titled, “When to Use AppLocker”, dated June 27, 2012, located at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee424371(v=ws.10).aspx. Be prepared to discuss.

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