Cultural Studies;West Oxfordshire constituency.

How to recruit and retain members of the Liberal party

A short paper on how to recruit and retain members for the Liberal party in a West Oxfordshire constituency.

Can you find a writer to put these ideas into good prose? The local Liberal party want ideas on how to recruit and retain new members. The first thing to say is that membership for all political parties seems to be in decline, although Labour had a huge surge in support from the under 30’s at the last general election. Labour membership nationally stands at 550,000 members and the Conservatives now have less than 120,000 although they have stopped publishing figures since 2014. The liberal party is said to have more than 120,000 members. Can these figures be checked please.

Members of political parties tend to join because of national issues not local ones. Maybe this is something local Liberal might wish to change, but how? Local Liberals need to be visible throughout the year to minimise the charge ‘we only ever see you at election time’. We should looked into either hiring or having gifted, a caravan which is painted in Liberal yellow touring the constituency and holding ‘pop up’ surgeries. We should aim to coincide our presence with farmers markets, thus maximising our reach and visibility.

We should choose an issue a month and saturate the local media with quotes and ideas for media stories. This must include regional TV and local radio. A small budget for the chairman should be created to host a journalist a month for lunch.

There is a national scheme called the ‘casserole club’. The idea behind this is to help those living alone or unable to cook for themselves to be cooked for, either in their own home or someone else’s. We should take this idea and own it. We could announce it as a strong community based initiative and not as party political, but getting the credit and publicity for the idea.

We should host 1 high profile event a year. This could be a lunch or dinner with a leading national celebrity as guest of honour. For example, an evening with Sir Ian McKellan or Joanna Lumley. This would be a ticketed event and profits come to us, but anyone welcome to come. We don’t brand it as a Liberal event though in order to attract the guest of honour in the first place.

Can the researcher think of anything else? Basically this paper just needs to be written and argued well.

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