Culture and Cross-Cultural Management

This assignment requires you to write a 1800-word essay (+/- 10% excluding the references)

For this assignment, you need to focus on one of the main class topics. We will walk you through the steps you need to take to accomplish this assignment.  

Step one: Pick the following topic:

Culture and Cross-Cultural Management 


Step two: Read the chapter and the PowerPoint slides we upload on Blackboard. 

Step three: Shortlist two to three concepts/topics/keywords that interest you in the chapter

Step four: Search the concepts/topics/keywords inside peer-reviewed journals related to International HRM. We suggest the journals we have listed below but you are free to pick articles from other relevant peer reviewed journals. Please first consult with me if you selected articles from other journals; we need to make sure you read articles from relevant peer-reviewed journals. Then pick three articles (if you had problems making sure what you have selected is an article or not just contact me and we will help you). You might want to brows more than three articles to avoid re-doing your search. We do not suggest selecting articles published before 2000. 

The International Journal of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resource

Human Resource Development International

Journal of International Management

Step five: Read the articles. You might have difficulties understanding some of the articles. If that was the case, either select another article from the journal list or schedule an appointment with the module leader to help you understand the article.  

Step six: Summarize the articles. Your summary needs to include the purpose/questions, objectives of the study, one line about the major methodology/method and the findings. We do not expect you to include the neatly gritty of the literature review or the data analysis sections: only record what the paper intended to do, what methods were used, and what was the result. In case you had ANY questions about how to read or summarize a paper, contact the module leader. 

Step seven: Merge your three abstracts and try to relate them to one another; therefore, instead of reporting three separate abstracts, try to make more sense of them. In other words, write a mini-literature review using the three articles only (approximately 1200 words)  

Step eight: Compare the findings of the three articles with what you learned from the book chapter and narrate the commonalities or differences (approximately 450 words).

By now you have finished this section of the assignment.

Step nine: Reflect on what you learned from this assignment (approximately 150 words).

All the assignment sections are done now!

Step eleven: Use the “Assignment One” Template uploaded on Black Board to organize and outline your assignment.  

Step twelve: Proofread your assignment

Step thirteen: Upload your assignment.

Step fourteen: Take a deep breath! Another GREAT accomplishment in your scholarly journey!

In all assignments, you should ensure that you cite and reference all your sources according to the Harvard convention. If you have doubts about how to use this convention, refer to the on- line tutorial at These pages have a link to a

more detailed specification of the Harvard system, also accessible through the ‘Resources’ tab on Blackboard.


Assignment Evaluation

Section One

Ø Review of literature (45%)

Ø Comparison with the book materials (45%)

Section two

Ø Reflection Section (10%)



If you are referred in assignment one or two, using the feedback provided by the lecturer, re-submit the work in August via blackboard. 

You can expect to receive continuous feedback on your work. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the assignment details and your work during the semester. The teaching team would encourage you to make the most of this support.





Useful additional books 

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Useful websites  – Useful information on international human resources including New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and Australia – Guides include Spain, Australia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and South Africa            

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