Data Analysis Coursework

This assessment is in 2 parts. Both parts must be submitted.
1. An analysis of research data collection and analysis methods for a set research question. The word count for this is 1,000 words. 
Set research question: How do current PR students/PR graduates use social media/networking to build their professional profiles? 

In order to be successful with this element of assessment students will need to:
• identify underpinning concepts around which they will organize their data collection from a review of relevant literature 
• provide an argument for their selected research approach and 
• evaluate a range of data collection and analysis methods identifying the most appropriate
Students’ assessment submissions should include the following:

• Introduction 
State your research question, the purpose of your document and describe the steps you have taken to fulfil this. Outline the structure of the rest of your document
• Key concepts relevant to research into the question 
State how you have identified the key concepts relevant to research into the question (ie literature review). Outline the key concepts you have identified. Reference to literature that has informed your identification of these. 

• Your research approach 
How would you organize your research in order to answer this research question? Think about ontology and epistemology and make an argument for the approach your adopt. Use references to sources to support this argument. 

• Your research methods
Identify your selected research method(s). Make an argument for your selection of these. Why are they the appropriate methods? Relate these to your research question, how this topic has been researched before and your ontological and epistemological stance. Cite literature to support your decisions. Identify alternative methods you could have selected and explain why you have rejected them. Identify the limitation of your selected method(s). Use references to sources to support your argument. 

2. A fully and accurately completed SPSS workbook. This will be completed in the SPSS workshop in week 8.
Marking criteria :

• Ability to engage critically with the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of the research process
• Ability to identify and evaluate a range of research data collection and analysis methods
• Accurate and appropriate completion of an SPSS workbook
• Academic referencing and bibliography
• Accurate and well presented work 

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