Early Intervention Funding Paper

 Students will examine government publications and a variety of other materials in order to understand how principles of family support have evolved and been transformed into family focused programs that receive ongoing government funding at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

Topic- Funding family support programs in Canada and Ontario: Look at the history, justification, plans and promises of Canada’s and Ontario’s early intervention services for families with young children – based on the Government’s own published documents. Present a comprehensive analysis of the current environment of family services in terms of government programs, funding decisions and media attention.

Federal and Provincial publications are to be accessed for up to date information.

There must also be evidence of current, academically appropriate, peer reviewed research from a minimum of 5 non-government sources (2005 to 2016)

Please FOLLOW these guidelines:

1. The topic of the paper must be presented in a clear and direct manner. The introduction must successfully outline the focus and set a professional tone.

2. You must effectively incorporates evidence of analysis and informed opinion throughout the paper.

3. There must be clear evidence of understanding government funding parameters for EARLY INTERVENTION programs. Must demonstrate ability to critically evaluate the impact of government policies for the topic. Must outline HOW each level of government supports these program.

4. Must include analysis of funding practices for EARLY INTERVENTION programs at all levels of CANADIAN government as pertain to the topic. Ideas and beliefs that will inform personal practice must be clearly stated throughout the paper.

5. Evidence of understanding the importance of support services in building relationships with families must be clearly presented throughout the paper.

You MUST incorporate information from this textbook:

Landy & Menna (2006) Early intervention with multi-risk families: An integrative approach. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes

Talk about what Early Intervention is and how it is beneficial to families.

SOME Government website where you will find funding information for Early Intervention programs for CANADA and ONTARIO:

https://www.ontario.ca/page/government-ontario (search for funding reports for early intervention programs in Ontario)

https://www.canada.ca/en.html (search for funding reports for early intervention programs in Canada)




More help with writing the paper including questions the paper must answer:

Identify all of the layers of the government system and be clear about who is responsible for what levels of financial support – from a general program support focus – not individual families.

When and by whom was this system established? – from a community family focus perspective

Look at the government’s funding of support programs – the actual work that is done in the variety of agencies and hospitals and recreation centers and community centers by the trained professionals such as Kinark, Blue Hills, Aisling Discoveries Child and Family center, Hospital for Sick Children, Holland Bloorview, Early Intervention Services, Speech and Language services….(and a hundred more – any of the agencies that have been given government money to keep their doors open). Answer: how did these programs come to be funded by the government? Why does the government give money to these agencies so that children with autism and Cerebral Palsy and vision and hearing difficulties, or attention or behaviour or learning problems can potentially improve developmentally? Why don’t we make parents pay for their own children? When did the support of children and families become the responsibility of the federal and provincial government? Why do tax payers in the country foot the bill for services for other peoples’ children? And when did we start believing this? How did Canada and Ontario take on this financial burden and how is it managed? By whom? Under what parameters? Do all levels of government support families in the same way? Do all government parties agree with funding strategies? How have these changed over the many years? Why? How?  

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