Economic and Financial Variables

1.  Rationale

This assignment will enable students to assess how the financial markets and the monetary system operates and will assist in gaining important quantitative skills related to the unit.

2.  The learning outcomes being assessed

This coursework assesses all learning outcomes

3.  Overview of assignment

You are required to produce a report on the determinants of one of these variables: inflation, bond yields or stock market. Your report should be based on a country that will be provided to you by the unit tutor. The choice of the variable of interest will also be provided by the unit tutor.


Your report must fulfil the following specific tasks:

1. Collect and tabulate 10 years of monthly or 20 years of quarterly data on your chosen variable of interest from the list above, and also on any three major determinants of the variable.

2. Estimate a regression model to evaluate the impacts of the three major determinants on your chosen variable of interest.

3. Write a report analyzing the findings of your research. You are required to demonstrate a logical and coherent interpretation of theory and research findings, illustrating your arguments with appropriate diagrams where necessary.

The report must include the following sections: (i) Introduction (10 marks), (ii) Literature Review (20 marks), (iii) Analysis of Data and Justification of Research Method (20 marks), (iv) Empirical Findings and their Interpretations (40 marks), (v) Conclusions, Recommendations and Harvard-style Reference list (10 marks).

The length of the assignment is 3600 words.

4.  Assessment criteria and weightings

The following is a list of criteria, which will be used to grade your work.


1. Relevance of Work:

Work has addressed the question set directly and comprehensively.

2. Structure:

Work is clearly structured.

3. Accuracy and clarity of expression:

Thoughts and ideas are coherent and logically argued. Grammar and spelling are accurate.

4. Use of supporting evidence and referencing:

Appropriate and relevant supporting evidence is provided. A wide range of sources has been used and they have been applied and critically analysed. Referencing is consistently accurate, using the Harvard-referencing system.

5. Analysis:

Evidence of adequate knowledge of relevant theories, clear reasoning and critical analysis. Examples and diagrams are correctly used where appropriate.

6. Conclusions:

Conclusions are robust, thoughtful and well-grounded in theory.

7. Word limit:

Work adheres to word limit.

Country                      Indicator (dependent variable)

Argentina                    Stock market


Get 10 years of monthly data and put the regression analysis and send me the results before start writing. You need to use the SPSS software for the purpose of this assignment. The result should be lesser than 5%.


choose three determinants on the decided variable  and send me before start writing the report.

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