Emerging Technology

IT differs from other management functions in how it is impacted by the rapid appearance and adoption of emerging technologies. The faster, cheaper computing continues to drive a torrent of new technologies into the marketplace. It is hard to predict what emerging technologies will catch on, as well as in what form they will be adopted.

Learning Objectives

After completing the activities in this week, you should be able to:

·         understand the differences in IT-enabled work environments and non IT-enabled work environments

·         identify outmoded policies encumbering new, more efficient IT-enabled work processes

·         identify needed new principles for effective management in the 21st Century such as “information transparency”

·         understand network effect and its influences in the IT-enabled business environment

·         understand how to aware and manage the emerging technologies

Readings and Resources

Required Readings:

·         Textbook: Chapter 13

·         Coursepack: Airbnb (A)

·         Eisenmann et al. (2006) Strategies for two-sided markets

Recommended Readings:

·         How CIOs assess the value of emerging technology (CIO Magazine)

·         3 Ways to invest in emerging technology in the age of digital disruption (CIO Magazine)

Reading Brief #7 Guideline

Watch this TED Talk, “The case for collaborative consumption” that addresses how websites like Zipcar and Swaptree are changing the rules of human behavior. Then, answer the following questions:

·         What are the reasons which facilitate the collaborative consumption?

·         Why are reputations most valuable assets in the sharing economy?

Another TED Talk would help you understand the issue: Rachel Botsman “The currency of the new economy is trust”

·         Instructions (NO Reference):

·         Up to 200 words. .(Please I want exactly 200 words without write a question)

·         Use your own words. Plagiarized work will be graded at 0.


Team Discussion #6

Read the textbook chapter 13 and share your ideas with your team members, with regard to the following issues:

·         What are your responses to Bernie Ruben’s three questions in taking action on the blog issue at IVK?

o    What if anything should we do about this blog entry?

o    What should be our general policy about blogging based on inside information from within the company?

o    What should be our process for spotting emerging technologies and analyzing them to see how they might be relevant to us, for better or worse?

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