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Your goal in this assignment is to produce a comprehensive account of the ecology of the Oak Ridges Moraine (Joker’s Hill) and Holland Marsh, including soil types, water conditions, forest cover, and agricultural practices. Your discussion should also address relevant policy issues (climate change policies and provincial legislation regarding sustainable development, for example).
You can imagine that you have been asked to author a report similar to the one produced by the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority for the Bowmanville/ Soper Creek Watershed.

1 Your audience includes policymakers and professional geographers, but will also be of interest to concerned members of the public. This means that your report must be technically robust enough to satisfy a group of specialists, but must also be written in clear
enough prose that it is accessible to an educated general audience.

Reports that receive an “A” grade will:
(1) Incorporate reliable outside sources from peer-reviewed journals or reputable research organizations.

(2) Have professional standards of presentation (including subheadings and illustrations, as well as correct grammar and an audience-appropriate writing style).

(3) Be written as a coherent report rather than a set of questions and answers.
You must answer the following questions in your report. Your answers should be concise but thorough, with enough detailed evidence to support your assessment of the area’s ecological conditions and relevant policies. Again, although you may use these questions to organize your writing, your final report should be presented as a coherent whole rather than a simple list of answers.

The essay should include an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion
1. Discuss the glacial history of the formation of the Oak Ridges Moraine and Holland Marsh and the impacts this has had on regional topography and soil development. (10) Oak Ridges Moraine (20)
2. Describe the dominant forest types observed in the field and their relevance to land use and environmental sustainability on the Oak Ridges Moraine and Joker’s Hill. (5)
3. Describe how provincial legislation encourages sustainable development of the Oak Ridges Moraine and provide your personal opinion of its effectiveness. Should this landscape be protected from development, and why or why not? (10)
4. Describe how past land uses have affected the current land uses of the
Oak Ridges Moraine. (5) Holland Marsh (20)
5. How does the dominant soil type on Holland Marsh affect production of intensively grown row crops such as onions and carrots? (5)
6. Discuss the ways in which intensive agriculture affects water quality at
‘on site’ and ‘off site’ locations. (5)
7. What factors affect sustainable development on Holland Marsh? (5)
8. Discuss land use on Holland Marsh in the context of climate change and carbon emissions and sequestration. (5) Transitions in Landscape Position (20)
9. Discuss the major factors affecting soil development across the landscape and associated soil catena from Joker’s Hill to the Holland Marsh. (20)

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