Food Service Management Systems & Human Resource Applications Restaurant Human Resource Analysis


The term project allows students to apply human resource concepts to a restaurant case of their choice.
The purpose for this assignment is to allow, through a critical analysis of a working restaurant, the development of skills and knowledge linked with course objectives.

These course objectives include:
1. Identify the segments and trends of the hospitality industry
2. Define important technical terminology used in the hospitality industry.
3. Examine the organization and structure of hospitality and food service operations.
4. Design an employee evaluation instrument that includes performance standards.

To complete the assignment you will visit a restaurant of your choice and gather data. Although you don’t have to eat at the restaurant, you may dine if you choose. If possible, choose a nationally branded restaurant or independent restaurant with a comprehensive web site to allow you the opportunity to gather additional data like job postings and advertisements, job descriptions, and other relevant data from online sources. You will write a narrative that provides answers to a list of specific questions about the operation. These questions (listed below) include a review of multiple aspects of human resource management in restaurants. You will examine the organizational structure present at the establishment. Using web-based and library research on standard forms of food service employee performance assessment within the segment – you will summarize industry standards for employee evaluation and performance. Then you will write a summary of how you think employees are evaluated at the establishment you actually visited (if at all). You will conduct a human resource analysis with recommendations following the outline listed below answering all questions in sections 1-6. Again – your goal is to take the concepts taught in the classroom and apply them in a real-life restaurant setting. The project is fun but be forewarned – it does take time to complete. Please plan accordingly and do a professional job.

Paper Format:
Cover Page: Per MLA format

Table of Contents: 1 page – follow MLA format
Project sections: Section 1: Introduction & Human Resource Analysis: Organization Structure
Section 2: Human Resource Planning: Job Descriptions
Section 3: Human Resource Recruiting
Section 4: Employee Screening and Selection
Section 5: New Hire Check List
Section 6: New Hire Orientation Plan

Works Cited Page: 1 page – MLA format (if required – be sure to cite the source if you copy a form)
Font Size: 12 point font
Line Spacing: MLA format
Margin: MLA format
Page Numbers: MLA format
Note: Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Format matter – see rubric at the bottom of this document for grading details.
Section 1: Introduction & Human Resource Analysis: Organization Structure (3 points/20)
Provide a brief narrative (one page or less) describing the restaurant you selected, the type of restaurant (fast food, fast casual, full service, find dining etc.), the size of the restaurant (seat count), and menu offerings (you can scan and include a copy of the menu as an appendix if you choose). Then develop an organizational chart of the restaurant and explain each role listed on the chart in narrative form. Write a narrative about how the restaurant team is organized with a brief description of each role in the hierarchy. Include an organization chart in the narrative as an example (insert a JPEG of the chart to make this easy).
• What key positions did you observe (general manager, executive chef, sous chef, cooks, utility, FOH manager, bartender, servers, etc.)
• What does each role entail (what do these people do?)
• Which of these positions are management (why do you think this is the case)?
• Did you observe any examples of supervision or management occurring during your visit?
Section 2: Human Resource Planning: Job Descriptions (3 points/20)
In this section you will apply knowledge gained in class to draft sample job descriptions for: one hourly position (server, cook, bartender), one supervisory position (sous chef, FOH manager) and one management position (executive chef, general manager). Follow guidelines for developing a job description presented in your textbook (pgs. 34-39). Your job descriptions must include: a job title, job summary, duties, and position requirements. Using the internet, conduct research to see if the restaurant you visited has posted job descriptions for these positions. If it has – how does your job description compare to the one(s) posted. What observations can you share? The format of this section includes a brief introduction in narrative form explaining what you have written and why, followed by each of the three job descriptions (inserted after the narrative). It may be easier to capture a PDF of the job description once it is complete and then convert the PDF to a JPEG so you can insert it easily into the document. Format does matter. If possible – download sample job descriptions from the restaurant corporation you visited.
Section 3: Human Resource Recruiting (3 points/20)
Now you will write a recruiting plan to fill two positions based on the job descriptions listed above (one for an hourly position and one for a supervisor – either the sous chef or FOH manager). The plan is a narrative summarizing how you will recruit and fill these two positions. Will you post an advertisement? If yes – where will you post it? Will you use social media? If yes – what platform will you use? Following guidelines presented in your text (pgs. 40-47), write a strategy for recruiting these two positions. Conduct internet research to determine how the restaurant you visited currently recruits employees. Pull up a recruitment posting for the establishment and consider how the restaurant communicated job openings. Research the types of recruiting plans the restaurant you are analyzing uses online.

Section 4: Employee Screening and Selection (3 points/20)
In this section you will write a brief employee screening and selection plan for the two positions you seek to recruit following guidelines presented in your text (pgs. 48-58). This includes the development of five behavior based (open ended) interview questions that you would use for recruiting each position. Be sure to explain in narrative form why you have chosen each question. List the applicant tests you will use for screening candidates.

Section 5: New Hire Check List (3 points/20)
Based on the restaurant you analyzed, create a new hire checklist. Be sure to explain why you selected each item on the list. Your explanation must be in narrative form follow by the checklist itself. For more information please refer to your text book (pgs. 70 -75)

Section 6: New Hire Orientation Plan (5 points/20)
Again – based on the restaurant you analyzed, create an orientation plan for these two new hires. Consider all aspects of the role (as noted in the job description) that require orientation. Think about what a good orientation program includes and the process the person should go through to become familiar with the job and role expectations. For more information refer to your text book (pgs. 75-81)

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