Global Leadership- The importance of Empowering women with education in Yemen so that their economy can flurish.

The topic and theises should be around Empowering women with education in Yemen so that their economy can increase and flourish.

My two concepts would be Global Communication and Learning and change in a global setting.

***For Communication-Maybe a communication style of cross cultural communication or inter cultural communication

***For Learning and change in a global setting- Choose either Social learning, organizational change or planned change.
Method for creating Global Leadership Paper: Write a formal APA paper applying several of the theories and concepts discussed from the semester to a situation in the real world. While this paper is applied to real life, treat it as if you were writing up a government or organizational document for your boss or congressperson. To accomplish this assignment, you will need to:

Pick a country that you have little or no experience. Learn about the culture in the county via several methods that you have learned in this course

formal APA -formatted paper about global leadership concepts by exploring another country and culture. You will choose a leadership issue within that country and culture and then solve it using course concepts and tools that you learned about in this course. You will need to explain the ideas, gather evidence that supports the conclusions that emerge from the ideas, and explain why your solution should be adopted. Think of yourself as advocating for a certain stance within your organization based on leadership science. Please see the global leadership paper instructions for more detail.

Purpose of the Global Leadership Paper: to combine ideas from global leadership to solve a global leadership issue.

Pick a leadership issue within that country and/or culture

Solve the leadership issue with the tools that you have learned in this course
You will need to follow APA guidelines for paper writing. The most important part of writing a formal paper is that your ideas are based in the theory and research. It is important to quote, cite, and reference those sources.

There is no right or wrong answer for this paper, but you must make your argument based on the standards set above and in a clear and concise manner. This means with a clear thesis statement, detailed explanations, apparent connection between theory and behaviors, and strong organization.

The point of the paper is to demonstrate your expertise with the global leadership concepts as well as your ability to critically think about applications to other cultures. As such, your focus of this paper should be the theories and how they help people think about the country and issue that you have chosen. Do not spend significant portions of your paper describing the examples. The solution you are creating needs to be clearly linked to the course theories and concepts to help highlight your knowledge and thinking with regards to global leadership. As such, focus on explaining and applying the theoretical concepts that lead up to the solution.

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