Health Assignment

Choose/specify a project title and the overall aim for your project;

Specify goals of the project and expected outcomes (measurable deliverables).  These  should or may be presented as phased or as short, medium and long term goals;

 Identify simple and measurable indicators of project success;

Outline key critical issues that could influence the project success, e.g. teamwork, leadership issues, decision-making, knowledge base, skill-mix, resource implications,  commitment of stakeholders  and funding / resource issues decision-makers in the organisation.




You are required to complete a SWOT analyses to identify the strengths and limitations of the project.  State reasons for your choice of model used.

Note that the focus of the analysis is to provide direction and a framework for implementing the project. Use of these analytical tools will identify factors that support the project and barriers that could obstruct it; and the strategic planning to design, develop and initiate the project.    

Project Plan:

An outline of the strategic plan that you anticipate for the project and the steps taken/followed to achieve it.  

A strategic plan describes the process of project implementation and explains how the project goals and objectives will be translated into practice. Strategic planning begins with the desired project aims and works backward to the current clinical situation.

What must be done in practical terms to reach the next stage of the project?

A discussion of any relevant theoretical models /frameworks which you intend to use and give rationale for their selection.

Leadership approach: what leadership skills will you bring to the project? Are there any constraints or obstacles? How will these be addressed? – refer to your strategic plan to discuss how you will use identified strategies as the project leader.

Team considerations – Identify your project team and the specific roles and responsibilities that each person has. How will you identify and utilise talent within the team? Identify local factors that could support or obstruct team development / functioning.  

This section should clearly outline the practical steps you will need to undertake to achieve the project outcomes.


Provide a brief summary of this section to lead into Part 2 of your project


Part Two (1250)


Prospective Evaluation Strategy:

Carefully consider how you will evaluate your project and provide linkage to Part 1 of your project in a short introduction. Making reference to the details in your project proforma is a useful way of achieving this.  

Consider each of the aims and outcomes (identified in the proforma) and use the pointers below to evaluate the various aspects of your proposal. This may be completed as a table but should include:

The project aims and outcomes;

 The method of evaluation to be used for each stage of the project;

Specific evaluation tools used;

 Timeframe for each stage of your evaluation strategy;

Dissemination plan: how will you inform key stakeholders about the project progress and success? You may wish to design your evaluation into a short, medium and long term strategy.

Reading related to the clinical audit cycle, change management and project evaluation is essential – see indicative reading at the end of this document.

Executive Summary: 250 words

This should provide a brief summary of all aspects of your project proposal and should make sense if read separately to the rest of your project plan. The Executive Summary is often used to gain approval for project implementation by senior managers who have no previous knowledge of the project so it is vital that it is concise and effectively states what the project is about and why it should be implemented. Test this on someone with no specific knowledge of your subject area, clinical practice and project plan. The Executive Summary should include the following:


Overall aim of the project and intended outcome(s);

Rationale for project;

Overview of implementation strategy;

Overview of project evaluation;


Dissemination strategy.

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