improving asthma safety in school [part B]

Critical Analysis of a Public Health Issue (Part B)
Assessment task aim: The assessment will form part two of the Critical Analysis of a Public Health issue.
The aim of part two of the assessment is to present current recommendations on your topic (Improving asthma safety in schools) and, utilising learning from part one of the assessment, provide recommendations for fellow public health practitioners to successfully address the issue. The marking rubric provides a guideline for the various aspects of the essay which are required.
Assessment task details
Last semester students submitted an essay on a public health topic that was relevant to the setting within which their primary professional placement was undertaken.
In the first essay, students described the background to the issue including the historical, political, economic and social contexts. The essay also explained and justified why the topic is viewed as a critical issue in public health.
For the second essay, students will present the current recommendations on the selectedtopic proposed in peer-reviewed literature, opinion pieces, stakeholder reports, Government policy and beyond. For the purposes of this exercise, “current recommendations” are considered to be those made between 2013-present.
Reflecting on part one; the student will critically examine these recommendations reflecting on the historical, political, economic and social context. The student will conclude by outlining the recommended direction public health should advocate for. One or more examples of public health interventions and programs may be featured to provide a practical perspective on potential solutions. The student may also draw on examples from other countries to strengthen their argument.
Style instructions
Despite this being part two of an overall assessment piece, students will still need to providean introduction that provides a bridge between assessment piece one and two. DO NOT COPY text from part one essay. Turnitin will identify this as plagiarised. Self-plagiarism is plagiarism nonetheless, and is not allowed. References to the first assessment piece should becomparatively brief, since the focus of this present assignment is to outline solutions to the issue featured inyour part one assignment.
Word limit 1920 words Abstract word limit 250 words Number of references 15 – 25 General subheadings for essay should include: Abstract, Introduction, Discussion (subheadings may be useful), Conclusions, and References.
Abstract examples

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