Improving on health promotion in nursing

Assignment Synopsis: The development of a health improvement resource with an accompanying supportive essay, (1,500 words) both of which need to be submitted through turnitin.

Key Learning Outcomes (1-5)

Assessment Criteria


3. Critically discuss how empowerment can influence the ability of the person, family and carer to improve life style for all groups.

1. Identify an individual or group of people who have a recognised health improvement or health promotion need with rationale for your choice. Clearly identify the individual or group they are targeting and the recognised health promotion need the resource will be designed for. Students need to be specific. The rationale for choice needs to include supporting evidence, e.g. statistics, current research etc.


4. Critically evaluate areas of deficits in practice when promoting health.

2. Critically evaluate deficits in practice when promoting health for this individual or group: What health promotion initiatives, resources etc. are currently available for this individual/group? Critically evaluate current approach; strengths and limitations, give examples with supporting evidence.

What are the challenges for this group? Could consider a SWOT analysis


2. Critically appraise the principles underpinning the role of the nurse in supporting healthy lifestyle choices.

3. Design and develop an appropriate resource to be used to address the identified deficits: Be creative, innovative and original. This needs to be a finished resource not simply an idea or plan. Students should produce an appropriate and suitable resource which will address the individual’s or group’s recognised need.


1. Demonstrate critical understanding of the concept of public health and public health policy

4. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the concept of public health utilising appropriate evidence to support your discussion: Students to engage in a critical exploration of the concepts theories and models of public health. Link the discussion to your client group.


5. Critically appraise how the drivers for local, national and global health promotion influence health and wellbeing.

5. Demonstrate a critical understanding of current International, National and local public health policy making links to the chosen individual or client group: Evidence of a critical understanding of public health policy at a global, national and local level. Consideration of policy that relates to the individual or group and health promotion need being addressed


2. Critically appraise the principles underpinning the role of the nurse in supporting healthy lifestyle choices. (repeated)

6. Critically discuss the principles underlying the development of the resource: A critical discussion of evidence based theories and approaches used within health promotion. Students to consider issues of design, appropriate use of language and visuals and potential effectiveness of the resource.



7. Students must ensure the work reflects level six expectations as described in University SEEC Level descriptors. Current Faculty Harvard protocols must be used and the resource should be referenced as required using a range of contemporary and/or seminal resources. Clear logical structure; academic presentation; grammar and spelling accurate; adheres to Faculty policy on word count (1,500) and plagiarism. 


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