Interview to two Managers

Reflection: You should speculate on your own future career path. Please include a paragraph on your reflections. Include here anything interesting and / or relevant to your career that you discovered in the course of undertaking this assignment.
Write a report (1500 words +/- 10%) on your findings.
Include two appendices:
Interview Schedule
Interviewees’ contact details

Assessment title: Examine the extent to which the career paths of two managers conform, or do not conform, to the pattern of the Managerial Escalator. Reflect on the potential implications of the Managerial Escalator model and the findings of your interviews for your own career.


1. Introduction
2. The Theory
3. Findings
3.1 Findings Manager 1
3.2 Findings Manager 2
4. Discussion
4.1 Discussion Manager 1
4.2 Discussion Manager 2
5. Reflections & Conclusion
Appendix 1. Interview Schedule
Appendix 2. Interviewees’ contact details

Interview two managers or people with supervisory responsibilities.

Identify your interviewees’ career paths into management.
Identify the problems that your interviewees have faced related to the Managerial Escalator.

Word count: 1,500 words +/- 10% (excluding material in the title page, abstract, table of content, reference list at the end of the report and appendices).

Assessment task: For the first assignment you are asked to interview two people with supervisory or managerial responsibility and write a report on:
The extent to which the career paths of both people you have interviewed conform, or do not conform, to the pattern of the managerial escalator. Reflect on the implications of the Managerial Escalator model and the findings of your interviews for your own career.
In order to carry out this assignment you are asked to:
Study the content of Chapter One in the book: Skills of Management and Leadership (Rees & Porter, 2015).
Find two managers to interview – these could be relatives, friends, acquaintances, or managers that you come across in the course of your daily life.
Work out from doing the above reading, what questions you need to ask. Devise a questionnaire based on your reading and check the questions out with your class, seminar or workshop tutor.
When you have carried out your two interviews, write a report on your findings, bearing in mind the advice given in the Lecture Week 2, and the reading on Blackboard.
Please remember that your report is an academic piece of work and that an academic reader will be reading it. We are interested in how well you understand the concept of the Managerial Escalator and its relevance to the two managers you have interviewed, as well as yourself.
Supporting documents relating to the Interview:
• Appendix 1 – Please attach the questionnaire schedule you have drawn up as an Appendix to the report. You do not need to include the actual interview responses.
• Appendix 2 – You are asked to submit the names and contact details of the two managers you have interviewed. We reserve the right to contact the managers in the event of suspected plagiarism.

Coursework assessment marking criteria

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