Labor Relations responses

Please complete the following ten questions below. Also ensure to use a reference for each question.

Week Three

Question 1

The proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would fundamentally change the 80 year old system

through which employees choose to be represented by a union (or not).

Do you favor EFCA or the current secret ballot system? Please justify your response.

Use a minimum of one reference.

Question #2

Explain the following statement, “It is not the union that organizes the employees, it is management.”

Please use a minimum of one reference to support your discussion.

Week Four

Question #1

During an economic recession, discuss how management’s or a union’s bargaining power might be

affected. Give an appropriate business example to illustrate what you mean, support it with at least

one reference.

Please interact with at least one classmate.

Question #2

Locate and briefly summarize a case decision where an employer or union was found guilty of bad

faith bargaining (or not!). Briefly summarize the decision and explain whether you agree or disagree

with the outcome.

Please explain using one reference to support your comments.

Week Five

Question #1

Explain why unions often place a priority on seniority in personnel decisions, whereas employers tend

to emphasize ability to perform the job.

Based on your own experience with work­performance appraisals conducted by managers, how

confident are you that managers can effectively judge legitimate differences in performance between

two or more employees?

Please use a minimum of at least one source.

Question #2

Using an organization where you work or have worked in the past, assume the role of a union

negotiator or a management negotiator. What work schedule(s) would you propose in the new

contract that would best serve the needs of the company or your union members, as appropriate?

Use one reference to support your response.

Week Six

Question #1

Most unions have opposed free trade agreements, such as NAFTA. On the other hand, most employer

lobbying groups have supported such agreements. Is each side’s viewpoint justified?

Please explain using one reference to support your comments.

Question #2

Multinational corporations and transactional collective bargaining are becoming increasingly

important topics of labor relations. Locate an article that discusses transactional collective bargaining

and summarize it for the class.

Please explain using one reference to support your comments.

Week Seven

Question #1

Review the following statement from your reading this week, “Diversity in the workplace is necessary

to create a competitive economy in a globalized world.”

Find at least two articles that support this statement.

Please explain using one reference to support your comments.

Question #2

Suppose that you are a manager in a unionized organization. What do you need to know about

diversity and legal issues in order to conduct a training session for other managers?

Please explain using one reference to support your comments.


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