Machiavelli western civilization

Critical Essays
As stated on the syllabus, you will be required to complete two critical essays this
semester. In order to start these assignments on the proper footing, review the
“Academic Dishonesty” and “Critical Essays” sections on the syllabus in regards to
items such as citation requirements (plagiarism) and the procedures that must be adhered
to when handing in each assignment. Additionally, please carefully read the “Writing
Guidelines” document for the rules and particulars that must be followed in completing
these exercises. Failure to do so will result in a lower grade for the assignment(s).
Electronic copies of all of these documents can be found on Sakai.
It is imperative that you remember that each critical essay is to be handed in by 1pm on
the due date specified on the syllabus. A late essay will be penalized by half a letter
grade for each day late. An uncompleted essay will automatically receive a grade of zero
(0). Please note that if you plagiarize in any fashion in your essays, you will be given a
zero (0). Your essays may either be handed in via e-mail or as a hard copy at the start of
class. If you e-mail me your assignment, please make sure you receive a confirmation email
from me.
You will be writing about The Prince and Imperialism. The actual topic for your
essays will be chosen from the questions/prompts listed below.
For these papers you must use the textbook for this course, Pavlac’s A Concise Survey of
Western Civilization Volume 2: 1500 to the Present, along with your documents reader
edited by Rogers, Aspects of Western Civilization: Problems and Sources in History.
Additionally, you are required to incorporate and integrate information and ideas taken
from both Machiavelli’s The Prince and Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Failure to utilize
these two texts will result in a zero for the assignment(s). Only using a quote or two from
these last two books is not sufficient and is akin to not using them at all. All of these
sources will provide the historical context and background for your essays. Furthermore,
class lecture notes, outlines, and other materials from the course can and should be used
as well in exploring your chosen topic. You will need to utilize all of these items in order
to construct, corroborate, and prove your thesis.

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