Matlab Final Paper

Final Project Description

This project involves modeling a significant system using Matlab® and Simulink®.  Ideally, the project is something of interest to you. You may research using the Internet or search the literature to find appropriate models. The models must involve at least two non-linear differential equations. It should not involve partial differential equations since we do not discuss those.

The project involves more than just modeling. People do not model for just modeling sake; there is some goal in mind. At the very minimum, using the techniques learned in this course, you should do some parameter estimation. This involves first developing the data by running your simulation with realistic parameters and adding 5% normal noise. By 5% noise, take the general amplitude of the data, square it, take 5% of that value and set the variance of the additive noise to that value. In practice the data is not noise free. This makes it more realistic. Alternatively, there may be a free parameter that the user might fix, as for example, in a chemical reactor, the reactor temperature can be fixed to some value. You may wish to check the yield of the product as a function of the temperature to try to determine how one might wish to operate that reactor.

If you have a problem coming up with a good idea, I will help out. I rather that you find your own project. Experience shows that students who choose their own project do a more thorough job and learn more from the experience.

I do not expect nor want an extensive write up. I rather hope that you would spend your time working on the modeling rather than write up. The write up should contain an introduction in which you describe the problem and what you are hoping to achieve. For example, you may wish to model a room and to evaluate the total cost of window units to cool the room in summer. Next, there needs to be a discussion of the model, the parameters used in the model and the Simulink® and Matlab® code used. This should be followed by a section discussing the results, and lastly the conclusions drawn.

I expect the write up to be readable. You are free to use handwritten equations rather than spend a great deal of time type writing them. Please type as much as possible. Students who took this course face-to-face developed the following projects.  You can use this as a gage of what you might do. It is ok to be creative as seen by the model of zombies and humans.

If there is something that interest you and you wish to learn more about it, please consider a model to help. Use literature sources for models. You need not develop first principle models on your own. Try to use the models to develop a better understand or to improve or optimize a given solution.

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