Overcoming Nursing Shortage in Saudi Arabia

This assignment is an action plan for an issue I identified before in my first assessment that is resulted from a trend which is the high nursing turnover in Saudi Arabia. The issue is “The chronic nursing shortage in the country” that was a result from the trend. The requirement of this action plan is to develop effective strategies to overcome the problem. I have selected two strategies which are: 1) improving workplace conditions in order to rise job satisfaction which will result in the retention of current nurses’ 2) increasing nursing education facilities and attracting young Saudi students to study nursing in order to replace the current high rate of expatriate nurses. The strategies need to be related to Lewin’s theory of planned change and I will put the reference for the theory for you. There is a template need to be filled before you start working on the plan which I will attach for you either.

Also, I will upload my first assignment so you can read in order to get an idea about the trend and the resulted issues and also a very useful article as well I have found you may read and get benefits from. An Example of the assignment including the template that followed the same instruction and structure but for different topic will be attached either so you can follow It in every step.

The assignment will be written as the following:

Introduction: Aim for around 250-300 words. (Start by talking abut the trend which is “the increasing turnover of Nursing in Saudi Arabia” and then talk about the resulted issues and which one you will focus on in this action plan which is “high nursing shortage” – it’s always good to summarise what is the problem in the nursing context and why this problem needs to be resolved/addressed/managed) show how this is really an issue in nursing.  Then what are the objectives of this action plan, make three or four good measurable goals or objectives (what do you want to achieve?). Then a thesis statement of what going to be in the paper (the strategies and the recommendations).

Strategy 1 This should answer all of the topics listed on the following in full academic paragraphs/sentences that are well supported from literature. Aim for 700 – 800 words (please divide the strategies’ paragraphs equally). It should include:

What is the strategy? Explain more

How has this strategy worked in other places or countries with explaining (use evidence-based literature to support)? Important part at least three studies in detail

To which perspective does the strategy relate (please check the conceptual framework is attached).

What are the strengths/weaknesses of the strategy with evidence from literature?

How does the strategy relate to Lewin’s Theory of Planned Change and what needs to be considered to put this strategy into action in the workplace? (what are the driving and restraining forces; how will you embed the change?)

How will the strategy work/be applied in Saudi Arabia workplaces for this action plan?

Who will do this?

What criteria (points/changes) will be used to determine that the strategies have worked effectively?

What instruments will be used to measure the strategies (pre- and post surveys/tests)?

When will they be measured?

Strategy 2

(as above)

Short/Long Term Recommendations (aim for 400-500 words)

Overall Conclusion (200-250 words)

-Thesis restatement of what have been written in the assignment.

-A review of the issue.

-A review of the strategies and Lewin’s Theory of Planned Change applied to Strategies.


-A final statement about the benefits of putting the action plan into real action.

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