Parents who speak other languages other than english

Essay topic:

?Parents who speak a language other than English in the home are often concerned about the influence of the second language on their child’s development of English. ?Discuss factors that researchers have examined in relation to children’s dual language development in the early years (from birth 4 years). In discussing the research, you should ?include what the researchers have examined, how they have conducted the research and what they have found.
What suggestions can be made from the research evidence for parents and/or early childhood educators to promote positive dual language development in children?

Marking Criteria:
You will be awarded a mark out of 5 for each of the following components of your essay:
1. Use of at least 6 high quality journal articles or book chapters published no earlier than 2006. You may include the recommended references in your list of 6 or more references. All references used should be primary sources. Your textbook is considered a secondary source for most material (i.e. the author is discussing other people’s research) so use your textbook for understanding concepts, but find the original source for your essay. ?
2. Use of correct APA style, spelling and grammar. ?
3. Use of an introduction and conclusion that helps the reader to understand your essay. ?Your introduction should make clear the importance of the topic you are discussing. ?Your conclusion should sum up the evidence. ?
4. A demonstration that you understand the material you are citing in your essay. This ?includes clear explanations, no use of quotes in your explanations, definitions of key ?terms. ?
5. Clear identification of important factors, including why researchers believe these ?factors are important. Identification of developmental outcomes related to those ?factors. ?
6. Identification of suggestions for parents and/or early childhood educators. ?
7. Discussion of how the research has been conducted. For example, if the ?developmental outcome is vocabulary development, how did the researchers measure ?vocabulary?
8. A demonstration of the understanding of the quality of the evidence. Refer to your ?research methods lectures and chapter 2 of your textbook to understand differences in ?research designs and quality of evidence. ?(Name of text book: Looking forward through the lifespan : developmental psychology : birth to middle childhood Candida C. Peterson.
9. A well-integrated essay with an evidence based argument. In other words, these ?marks are for the logical structure and coherence of your essay as well as your ability to use evidence to construct your argument ?


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