Phases of the Moon.


Write four discussions, one about each of the topics below. Answer every part of every question. Each of the four discussions must contain at least 250 words – no exceptions. There is no maximum – write as much as you would like. Make sure you fully address them all. Answer the following Show That You Know questions for this unit: 1.Explain specifically why we see phases of the Moon.

Describe each of the 8 cardinal phases in order. 2.Describe lunar and solar eclipses. How are the Sun, Earth and Moon positioned in each and what do you see? 3.Describe tides and why they occur. Discuss the types of tides and the related positions of the Moon and Sun with each. 4.Why is Pluto no longer considered a planet? Discuss the reason in detail. After reading and discussing the reasons behind this, do you agree or not agree about Pluto’s current status. Why or why not? Answer all four questions on the same MS Word document (.docx or .doc). Do not use PDF or any other format. Label each question.

You may do so by repeating the question and following it with your response. The words of the question do not count toward the required 250. You are required to use and cite at least 2 sources in every answer. The course textbooks (Shipman, J.T., Wilson, J. D., Higgins Jr., C. A., & Torres, O. (2016). An introduction to physical science. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. Tyson, N. D., Strauss, M. A., & Gott, J. R. (2016). Welcome to the universe: An astrophysical tour. Princeton,: Princeton University Press. )are primary and at least one is required for every question, but you must use internet research as well. In addition to the textbook, for each question response you are required to use at least one credible reference source found on the internet. And you can use both textbooks, if you like, but you still must use the internet to find and use at least one outside source. This is the internet research portion of this course. These sources must be properly cited where used and be properly listed at the end of the paper. You normally will have at least 5-6 sources on your reference list . Do not use any quotations in the Show That You Know answers. Instead paraphrase carefully and include appropriate citations in every paragraph for the ideas you used from the textbook and the internet articles.

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