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Course analytics are important in guiding the revision process as well as further development of the testing blueprint. As a nursing educator, you must establish and maintain analytical data to demonstrate to your stakeholders that your course is meeting the learning and program outcomes. You must be able to translate the data that is collected through your assessment and evaluations (Billings & Halstead, 2016). The data must be in a usable form to help determine if your evaluation process is meeting the needs of the learners, faculty, course, and program. Without this piece of your curriculum, you are not able to demonstrate that the learning and program outcomes have been met.
Billings, D. M., & Halstead, J. A. (2016). Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.
For the final assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation with 10–12 slides that proposes a systematic process for determining the effectiveness of the nursing program for the sample course (Individual and Community Health Assessment, Communications, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Improved Outcomes). While you will not have access to real analytical data from real learners to show how the course is meeting the learning and program outcomes, you should still be able to use formative feedback from the instructor, collaborative feedback from peers, and scholarly research to think critically about a process that could potentially guide improvement efforts for the nursing program in which the course is being hypothetically offered.
Make sure your presentation contains the following slide headings and sections, which reflect critical elements that align with the grading criteria:
* Title.
* Purpose. Include the reasons for the presentation (1–2 slides).
* Philosophical Approaches. Explain some of the major philosophical approaches to evaluation (2–3 slides).
* Program Evaluation Process. Show the steps of the program evaluation process (2–3 slides).
* Evaluation Design. Select and articulate an evaluation design, framework, or model for program evaluation (2–3 slides).
* Program Improvement. Examine how data analysis can be used to foster ongoing program improvement (2–3 slides).
* References. Include a minimum of eight sources, cited using current APA style and formatting.
Other Assignment Requirements
* Bullets: Aim for 4–5 bullets per slide and 4–6 words per bullet.
* Images: Use graphics liberally throughout the presentation but ensure they are appropriate for the content provided.
* Speaker notes: Use the Notes section within PowerPoint to provide all the information relevant to each slide, which you would otherwise present verbally.
Before you start your work, carefully read the grading criteria in the scoring guide to ensure you understand all of the requirements for success. 

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