Reflectve Report

The assignment is to be 2500 words (+/- 10%), due by 11.59pm on 9 November 2016, via BlackBoard. Weight 60%. Your paper is to be fully supported by academic references, and fully referenced. You may use headings within your paper.

The task:

To provide an analysis of the ethical dimensions of practice across the series of case studies for weeks 7 to 13. With the exception of the week 7 case (which is in the text book, accessible in Course Reserve of the library), these case studies are in the Learning Resources folders for each week.

The structure of your analysis is to identify and discuss 3 important ethical considerations or themes that are present in the case studies. For each ethical considerations you must refer to at least 2 case studies. In total across the 3 ethical considerations you must refer to at least 3 of the case studies (but may refer to all of them if you wish). What we want is for you to look for ethical themes and challenges ACROSS the case studies.

The Assessment 2 template located in the Assessment 2 materials folder (Assessment link on BlackBoard) provides a step by step outline of how you can structure your paper, and what you are to include.

What you should achieve:

Identification and analysis of 3 ethical considerations/ themes for practitioners across a series of provided cases;

Which use the ethical concepts, perspectives and models presented in the unit, supplemented by relevant research you undertake. In particular you must use in your analysis:

the 4 ethical lenses (consequentialist, deontological, virtue and relational)

the Chenoweth & McAuliffe inclusive model for ethical decision making. You may also use the Crane core questions model, though this is optional.

In undertaking your analysis you should refer to the interface between social work and human services ethics and legal/ other dimensions of the case. This is described in the unit as an ‘integrated’ approach.

Show you have a detailed familiarity with and capacity to apply relevant specific sections/statements/principles contained in your Code of Ethics to practice situations. Human services students may also refer to the AASW Code in addition to the ACWA Code. Social work students may also refer to the AASW Practice Standards.

Your above analysis should communicate your own emerging/ beginning framework for undertaking practice in an ethical manner.

The marking criteria indicates:

Criteria 1

Demonstrated capacity to identify and justify 3 important ethical considerations and challenges for practitioners across scenarios (minimum of 3 scenarios drawn on in total)

Criteria 2

Demonstrated capacity to apply relevant ethical approaches (see Week 8) in the consideration of practice responses

Criteria 3

Demonstrated application of an integrated approach (including legal considerations) as a framework for appreciating the various contexts of practice and suggesting appropriate processes for addressing ethical considerations

Criteria 4

Clear and appropriate application of the various relevant provisions within codes of ethics (practice standards may also be referred to) supporting above analysis and suggested practice responses

Further detailed information and tips regarding the criteria and tips for responding well to these can be  found in the following file on Blackboard on the Assessment page: SWB219 Assessment 2 Guidelines and Tips

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