Report on a particular industry to study

You will need to choose a particular industry to study. In your individual report you will focus on your chosen industry and an organisation or organisations within it.

You will need to address each and all of the following sections:
1. Analyze the structure of the chosen industry in a country of your choice, making use of suitable data to illustrate your analysis. Discuss the implications for firms and consumers of the competitive structure of the industry. Identify and discuss any government policy that affects the industry, identifying reasons why the policy exists and implications for firms (note: these policies may apply to many industries not only to the chosen industry).

2. Consider three countries (of your choice), each belonging to a different world region. Analyse and compare the attractiveness of the three countries as a market for your chosen industry. Note: to analyse/compare market potential, consider aspects specific to the industry and aspects of the general country environment (e.g. aspects related to market growth/size; economic, social and demographic characteristics; political/economic risks; cultural factors; etc.).

3. Consider one company (of your choice) and discuss the entry modes and ownership strategies this company should adopt to enter two selected countries. You should illustrate and justify your answers using relevant frameworks and theories you are familiar with.

Note about choice of countries for the three questions. While you can include the country chosen for

Q1 amongst your three countries selected for Q2, you CANNOT do so for Q3, i.e. Question 3 has to include two countries that are different from the company’s home country.
Each questions carries equal weighting and the use of tables, data, graphs in illustration is vital.

Each section will be marked according to the following criteria:
Achievement of aims – Does the analysis achieve the aims set in the assessment brief?
Structure of your analysis – Does the report demonstrate systematic analysis?
Data/evidence – Is the analysis supported with appropriate data and other relevant and appropriate evidence?
Presentation – Is the report presented in a professional manner with appropriate and correct referencing?
Criticality – Is there evidence of analysis of complex and possibly contradictory data/evidence and synthesis of ideas and information?
Theory/literature – Does the analysis demonstrate understanding of relevant theories and how these should be applied/interpreted in context? Do you underpin your arguments using relevant academic literature?  

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