Selection System For a Job

Project Instruction

1. The starting point is a job analysis. You may gather information about your job from This is the O*NET (Occupational Information Network) website. O*NET is a comprehensive database of worker attributes and job characteristics. O*NET is a primary source of occupational information. Find your occupation on the website. You will get a summary report that provides you with the tasks, and KSAOs related to the job. If you click on any one of the menus in the summary report you will get more detailed information on the topic.

a) Create a table like Table 4.1 (pg.153) in the text for the Tasks, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Work Activities listed in the Summary report for your occupation. Have the person familiar with the occupation rate the items. Then prepare a chart like that in Table 4.2 (pg.154) in the text.

b) Interview the person using Recruitment and Selection Notebook 4.2 (pg. 161) as an interview guide.

c) You will need to identify the person completing Table 4.1 and the interview with respect to: Name, Job Title, Length of Time in job, Level of education, Organization’s Name, Size, and What the person does.

2. Use all of the information you collected to identify the most important job duties and requirements. Prepare a job description and job requirements based on the information you collected similar to the one shown in Recruitment and Selection Today 4.1 (pg. 139). Ask the person you interviewed to review and comment on your descriptions and requirements.


3. Develop a plan for recruiting candidates for your occupation and organization.

4. Develop an application blank for your position and a screening procedure for applicants.

5. Use the information from your job analysis to identify three valid and reliable types of employment tests you will use in selecting people to fill the position.

6. You will most likely use a structured interview as part of your selection process. Develop two situational and two behavioral questions, along with scoring keys, for an interview with your job applicants.

7. State how you will choose among qualified applicants. How you will combine all of the selection data to rank the candidates?


ADDITION: Written assignments must use the APA style of referencing. See the APA homepage for more information:

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