Social Media sports campaign:Sports/Advertising/Media

You have been asked to develop a social media sports advertising campaign for a potential client. The stakes are high because the agency you work for needs this client in order to remain financially viable:

Select ONE of the following:

Scenario 1: A celebrity athlete has been involved in a controversial incident (or incidents). Their sponsors have been threatening to withdraw financial support. The celebrity athlete’s management needs your team to develop an online campaign that will help rebuild the reputation of their client (e.g. Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius, Nick Kyrgios).

Scenario 2: A professional sporting club has found itself involved in a controversial incident (or incidents). Members of the club are threatening to tear up their membership cards and walk away, sponsors are threatening to withdraw financial support and the club needs to rebuild its reputation. Your team has been asked to develop a social media campaign that will help turn things around for the club (e.g. Essendon Supplements Saga, St Kilda Schoolgirl controversy).

Scenario 3: A professional sporting organisation has struggled for many years to attract an audience, media exposure and consequently, sponsorship. It is make or break time. The organisation can only survive for a short time without attracting new fans and sponsors. Your team has been asked to prepare a social media campaign that will increase the profile of the sport, encourage greater media exposure and attract sponsorship (e.g. Australian Baseball League, Women’s National Basketball League).

Scenario 4: A major sporting event is going to be held in Melbourne in 2016. A substantial amount of money from the State Government and a number of sponsors has been invested in the event. Your team has been asked to develop a social media sports advertising campaign to promote the event, generate interest (even excitement) and ticket sales from the general public (e.g. ISAF Sailing World Cup Melbourne).

The social media sports campaign should start with the creative brief (2-3 pages)

The creative brief (worth 10%) should include the following:


Target Audience
Tone of Voice
Unique Selling Point or Key Message/s
Key Benefits
Audience Takeaway
Merchandise Possibilities

The campaign (worth 40%) should include the following:

Introduction to the campaign

Script/Copy for each advertisement (e.g. script for various social media platforms)
Mock-up of the campaign (including any storyboarding)
Discussion of the visual elements and justification for why they were selected (including a discussion of the theoretical frameworks and ideas we have covered throughout the semester)
Script for the ‘pitch’
Anticipated outcomes
The campaign should demonstrate evidence of:

Research target audience

Research similar and successful campaigns
Understanding of the use of various strategies as part of an advertising campaign
General research as required


Design the brief (how it will be presented to the creative team) and put it together

Design the mock-up advertisements and other promotional activities for the campaign (including storyboarding)
Selection and justification of various media platforms and visual elements
Putting together the campaign for presentation to the client

The Pitch:

Demonstrated knowledge of ‘how to make a successful pitch’ to your client

Writing of the script

The Campaign (including the Creative Brief) assignment should be 2500 words (excluding executive summary and references)

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