Strategic procurement

You are required to critique the current literature, using only academic journal articles on buyer-supplier relationships (BSR) from a procurement perspective. Based on the analysis of what other authors have written, prepare a discussion summarising the critical aspects, showing your learning and opinion about the topic, as well the contribution to strategic procurement.

Given the dearth of published articles available on this topic, students may focus on selected areas only. Suggested areas include the importance of BSR, cultural influence on BSR, the role of technology on BSR, issues and challenges of BSR, etc.

You are required to use at least FIVE academic journal articles. The preferred method of referencing is the Harvard Referencing system within context. An omission to include five academic journal articles or incorrect use of the Harvard referencing system will result in a failure for the Referencing component.


Useful readings:

Makkonen, H, Vuori, N & Puranen, M 2016, ‘Buyer attractiveness as a catalyst for buyer-supplier relationship development’, Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 55, pp. 156–168.

Crosno, JL, & Dahlstrom, RF 2016, ‘An empirical investigation of bilateral investments and opportunism in buyer-supplier relationships’, Journal of Marketing Channels, vol. 23, pp. 146–156.

Chen, Z, Huang, Y, & Sternquist, B 2011, ‘Guanxi practice and Chinese buyer-supplier relationships: The buyer’s perspective’, International Marketing Management, vol. 40, no. 4, pp. 569–580.

Giannakis, M, Doran, D, & Chen, S 2012, ‘The Chinese paradigm of global supplier relationships: Social control, formal interactions and the mediating role of culture’, Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 41, no. 5, pp. 831–840.

Obal, M & Lanciono, RA 2013, ‘Maximizing buyer-supplier relationships in the digital era: concept and research agenda’, Industry Marketing Management, vol. 42, pp. 851–854.

Saini, A 2010, ‘Purchasing ethics and inter-organizational buyer-supplier relational determinants: a conceptual framework’, Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 95, no. 3, pp. 439–455.

Requirements for Assessment 2:
  Use Arial Font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.
  Reference list on a separate page.
  Use the UniSA Harvard Style of referencing only.
  Do NOT use footnotes.
  Print word count at the end of your assignment.
  Include your name and student ID as a header on each page.
  Number each page.
  Do not include any Cover Page or Feedback form in your submission.

Marking criteria and standards
Marks will be awarded for:
Understanding of the procurement-related topic.
Ability to summarise critical aspects of the journals.
Critique showing learning and opinion formation.
Contribution to strategic procurement.


Presentation and referencing.

Presentation and summary of key aspects (20 marks)
Critique of the literature/theory (40 marks)
Contribution to strategic procurement (20 marks)
Referencing (10 marks)
Presentation (10 marks)
TOTAL 100 marks 

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