The continuity of confucianism and it’s influence till now

Term Paper Assignment: Traditions and Continuity
The topic
In the preface to Mountain of Fame, John E. Wills, Jr. says: This book gives fullest attention to some long continuities in politics and political culture. Here the study of lives and times turns out to be singularly powerful, and the results help us to explicate some trends in nonpolitical philosophy and some very general traditional values (2012, xiii).
Based on your reading of the biographies in Mountain of Fame, please write an essay 1) to identify a continuity in the politics and political culture in China or a traditional value in Chinese culture and 2) to describe its development over time in Chinese history.
Please read the following sections about the requirements, grading criteria, and submission deadlines carefully before you start to compose your essay.
Requirements and grading criteria for the essay:
The essay should draw exclusively from three sources: Mountain of Fame, The Cambridge Illustrated History of China, and the lectures. While you are welcome to use other sources in addition to the above-mentioned materials, it is not necessary to do so. However, you MUST USE evidences from the above sources to support your argument.
The paper is graded according to three major criteria: a) the quality of the analysis or argument; b) the accuracy, relevance, and quantity of evidence provided to support the analysis; and c) the quality and effectiveness of the organization and writing. An ideal essay will have the following features:
1) The thesis:
a. The essay should have a thesis in the first paragraph, clearly stating what traditional value or continuity in the political culture you are writing about and why it is considered a traditional value or continuity.
b. The thesis should be drawn upon your analysis of the biographies in Mountain of Fame. In other words, you can only write about the traditions or continuities that have ample evidences in Mountain of Fame.
2) The use of evidences and the analysis: The evidences selected from Mountain of Fame should reflect a reasonable time span. Evidences from a single dynasty/period or one biography cannot reflect the development of the continuity or the traditional value and therefore are not acceptable. This means:
a. You need select at least two biographies from Mountain of Fame as sources of your paper. There is no limit to the maximum number of biographies you choose. You can choose biographies from both the required and optional readings.
b. The time span of your paper should be at least 1,000 years, meaning the earliest biography and the latest biography you choose should be at least 1,000 years apart.
3) Organization: The essay should have an introduction with thesis statement, a body with ample evidences and analysis, and a conclusion. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that leads the whole paragraph. The paragraphs have a smooth logic flow.
4) References: All references are reliable. References are properly cited in the text, and, in the end, a list of references is provided in the proper format.
5) Length of the paper: 5-6 pages, double spaced.
A grade: Insightful thesis, skillfully argued, ample evidence from the sourcebook, and excellent writing skills.
B grade: Sound thesis, well argued, sufficient evidence from the sourcebook, good writing skills.
C grade: Some good ideas but less than adequate organization, use of evidence, and writing skills.
D and F grades: Poorly formulated thesis, little analysis, poor organization, inadequate evidence and writing skills.

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