The film, “Crash”

Underline or highlight each concept in your paper so that it can be identified easily. 

The film, “Crash” forces the viewers to confront hard, moral choices concerning the racial order in American society. The film focuses on the racially divided urban world and the levels and layers of violence, non-violence, misunderstandings, and love that structures this world. Write a reflection paper on this film by discussing the following concepts that have been presented in class and the textbooks. 

a. Ethnocentrism
b. Stereotype
c. Prejudice
d. Key
e. Rule of Speaking
f. Belief
g. Racism 
h. Perception

Write ONE paragraph for EACH concept (above) by discussing ALL 4 aspects (a-d) below:
a. define EACH concept (found on power point or textbooks only)
b. select a scene from the film in which the concept is demonstrated through character(s) who are communicating verbally and/or non verbally that particular concept. BE descriptive of the nonverbal behaviour and the verbal communication (try to give verbatim words, phrases, sentences, or dialogue) of the character(s) that demonstrates the particular concept. A movie scene can be used ONLY ONCE in your paper. Use one scene for each concept.
c. Your analysis requires you to discuss and explain how the character(s) verbal and nonverbal communications demonstrate the concept. Link or connect the verbal and nonverbal communication behaviour back to the definition of the concept to clearly explain how the verbal and nonverbal behaviour demonstrates and functions in life that represents the nature of the concept.
d. Lastly, discuss and explain how the concepts below are barriers to intercultural communication in the film. 

Write ONE paragraph in response to each item (#7 – #11) below:

7. Apply the components of the Adaptive Intercultural Model (AIM) to a scene or series of scenes of how specific character(s) verbally and non verbally communicated and handled/managed intercultural difference or conflict in the film. After applying the components of the AIM model, was the character(s) functional or dysfunctional in their behaviour? Do not simply regurgitate/repeat the AIM model, but to select the main concepts/components of the model and apply them to a scene(s). 
8. After viewing and analysing the movie, Crash, explain how do you think this movie influences/shapes culture? 
9. What do you recall your parents, relatives, or siblings communicating about ethnic/cultural groups? Do you believe in their value and belief system regarding ethnic/cultural groups or do you differ in some respect?
10. How has your cultural upbringing influence/shape how you communicate? 
11. What do you like/not like about this film? Does this film ring “true” to you?

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