The impact of managerial accounting on nonprofit organization

Closely read and ensure that you understand the following requirements. The paper must be at least 8 full pages in length and contain citations to 15 different sources used in the paper. It is better to write a minimum of 8 ½ pages to ensure you are not short. One line short of 8 full pages is a short paper and will result in a penalty for a short paper. Please try to cover your subject in less than 20 pages. The title page and abstract page do not count for paper length. The paper must be long enough to thoroughly cover the paper topic. Refer to the Research Paper documents, for an outline of what you need to accomplish in a research paper. If you do not understand a requirement or suggestion please contact me or go to the Writing Center for assistance or refer to online sources. Do not use books, blogs, wiki, encyclopedias, or dictionaries as sources or for citations. When utilizing current periodical publications such as professional magazines ensure that you verify the information. Remember that trade journals, company publications, magazines, newspapers, politically motivated periodicals and web sources will usually be slanted to a point of view that is not authoritative or verifiable and will not count in your total articles and will be counted as filler which will reduce your paper length. Do not use bullet points in writing the paper. Ensure that you verify older sources to ensure that they are current and still accurate. Do not use more than one article from any source document. Do not use more than 3 government sources( U.S., State, or Local) All sources must be from United States sources and must contain proper English. Elsevier is a Netherlands publishing company. You must research to find the publisher to ensure that the source is a valid source. Sources with improper English usage will not be counted as acceptable sources. Place lengthy quotes over 5 lines, pictures, illustrations, and tables in the appendix and reference them in your paper. Do not use “I”, “we”, “you”, “they”,or other personal pronouns. Do not use “Common Knowledge”. Every paragraph, except a paragraph, 12 line maximum, Introduction, and Conclusion, or change of subject within a paragraph will be identified by citations to the source from which you obtained the information conveyed in your writing. A paragraph will contain multiple citations. Each citation, including quotations and other citations, must contain the specific page number of the article from which you obtained the information. The completed paper must be submitted through Canvas by the due date. The PDF files of sources cited in the paper must be submitted through Canvas on the same due date as separate, individual, PDF documents. The sources must be submitted as individual PDF files. NO ZIP FILES. Each source is a separate file. The individual file names must be the name as cited in the paper, Author’s last name for example, and the files must be sorted alphabetically by first author’s last name. If you submit your sources as one file, or as a word file or a zip file you will be charged a 20% penalty and you will be required to submit the files correctly before your paper is graded.

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