The role of the Clinical Research Nurse as a study coordinator.

Paper: Instructions

The objective is to identify & discuss what is available (and maybe missing) in the published nursing literature on your topic.


  • Review 5 articles, each authored by at least one RN & published since 2011 in a peer-reviewed, indexed journal.

o Articles published within 5 years are typically seen as more current.

  •  Paper length: 6-8 pages (1,500-2,000 words), not including title, abstract, search history table(s), and reference pages.
  • Use APA for setting-up, formatting, and organizing your paper (American Psychological Association, 2010).

Your paper should have these sections:
o Title page
o Abstract page with keywords
o Introduction (not labeled as such)
? Include a clear, prominent, thesis statement in your introduction.
? Your thesis is ONE sentence.
? Bold or highlight your thesis statement.
o Literature Review
o Methodology
o Results (or Findings)
o Discussion
o Conclusion (or Limitations, or Next Steps)
o Search History table(s)
o References
Stepan, et al. (2011) is an example of an ROL paper without a search history table.
Huang, et al. (2014) is an example of an ROL paper, often called a ‘systematic review,’ with a search history table.
Catania (2012) and Broach (2015) are not ROL papers, but have examples of search history tables.
Publishable, scholarly writing is a learned skill that takes practice & patience. You will continue to develop your publishable manuscript through your practicum course (NURS 585).
Carefully read the grading rubric for this assignment below. You must receive a minimum grade of 82 on this paper to pass each course regardless of your weighted grade.

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Catania, C. (2012). Clinical trial nurse’s role in safety reporting. Nursing Forum, 47(1), 18-26.
Huang, X., O Connor, M., Ke, L-S., & Lee, S. (2014). Ethical and methodological issues in qualitative health research involving children: A systematic review. Nursing Ethics, 1-88. Advance online publication. doi:10.1177/0969733014564102

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Stepan, K. A., Gonzalez, A. P. Dorsey, V. S., Frye, D. K., Smith, R. F., Throckmorton, T. A., & Cantor, S. B. (2011). Recommendations for enhancing clinical trials education: A review of the literature. Journal of Cancer Education, 26(1), 64-71.

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