Understanding the role of Project Management methodologies to elevate project success rates

Research Methods

Assignment Title: Research Methods – Applying Methods

Potential Research Topic: Understanding the role of Project Management methodologies to elevate project success rates- A review of statistically meaningful and documented evidence.

Assignment Task
The assignment requires you to:
• identify an area of potential research
• specify clear objectives of the research
• identify an appropriate methodology that may be used to achieve the objectives
• identify strengths and weaknesses associated with the chosen methodology

These tasks are similar to what you will have to undertake for your dissertation. If you have already formulated some dissertation ideas, then you can apply them in this assignment.

The task has four clear areas with word limits for each. The sections below give more guidance on what should be included. Please also look at the marking criteria on the feedback sheet below and the marking weightings for each section.

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.

LO1. Effectively locate and use different research sources.
LO2. Critically analyse relevant evidence from the literature and reflectively analyse and comment on their significance in an effective written form.
LO3. Appreciate the key debates in the philosophy, ethics and epistemology of science to justify the relationship between philosophical approaches and choices of qualitative and quantitative methods.
LO4. Selection, application and justification of an appropriate choice from a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods to a given situation. LO5. Formulate and operationalize a research question.

World Class Professional Skills (PLOs being assessed or developed)

PLO1. Identify and apply information through critical thinking and analysis (developed) PLO2. Enhance effective communication skills (developed)

Assignment Details and Instructions.

Section 1: Rationale for research in this area (250 WORDS)

State the overall aim of the research. Then explain the context of why this research topic may be of particular significance /importance to you or others engaged in your professional area. Explain briefly the links with research in other related areas. Identify and explain briefly any links with relevant academic concepts and theories.

Section 2: Specific Objectives (100 WORDS)

State in more specific terms what you will be trying to achieve. Identify clearly the objectives of the proposed research. This may also include any specific hypotheses that you wish to test.

Section 3: Research Methodology (1200 WORDS)

In this section, you will explain the methodology you propose to apply in order to achieve your stated objectives.

You should address the following:

1. The approach you intend to adopt e.g. secondary /primary research; quantitative analysis / qualitative analysis; sampling technique. You should outline the main reasons for adopting this approach including a brief critical review of relevant literature that adopts a similar method to that which you are proposing.
2. The philosophical underpinning of this approach.
3. How you propose to gather evidence /data (methods for data collection)
4. How you propose to analyse the evidence /data (methods for data analysis)

Section 4: Research problems / potential weaknesses (200 WORDS)

Identify and explain the main problem(s) you think you will encounter throughout the research process and the potential weakness of any conclusions that you draw.

This might include; firms not being prepared to release sensitive information; a difficulty in identifying /gaining access to a representative sample of the population; a time constraint that may limit the amount of data you will be able to collect; concerns about the validity and reliability of the data collected.

A list of the sources (books, articles) consulted for the assignment, and referred to in the text, should appear at the end (under the heading: References). The list of References should be set out alphabetically, using the Harvard style of presentation, as is the convention in the business school.


Link to Harvard Referencing
Useful websites for annotated bibliography University of Toronto

Identifies the context for the proposed research and presents a clear rationale for its pursuit.
The research objectives are clear and precisely framed.
An appropriate strategy for collecting and analysing data is presented, demonstrating an awareness of currently recognised research methods and their philosophical underpinnings.

Identifies the strengths /weakness of the research approach and potential problems arising from this approach.

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