Water Treatment Report – Assignment 1

General Advice

You may find it helpful to read through the whole assignment before starting to answer the first question;

You should certainly read through the whole assignment before starting to answer any part of it;

Note the wording of assignment, in particular the action verbs and ensure that you answer the question asked and not the one that you think should have been asked!

These are science modules, hence your answers should be scientific in tone

Where required, present arguments that are logical and contain statements which are supported by scientific information expressed in the correct scientific terminology;

Your tutor will not look favourably on over-generalised discursive writing that fails to address the points at issue;

For most written answers, credit will be given for the overall ‘quality’ of the writing – for clarity, structure, appropriate style, as well as for the content and it should be in UK English language.

In this assignment, the following module learning outcomes will be assessed:

compare and contrast specific strategies and technologies associated with the control of water pollution and of water treatment;

compare and contrast specific strategies and technologies associated with the control and monitoring of major air pollutants;

evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies and technologies in terms of environmental impact, and legal and economic considerations;

monitor and evaluate group dynamics and processes;

present information, ideas and viewpoints to different audiences;

evaluate the effectiveness of problem solving processes and outcomes;

explain concepts and theories clearly and cogently;

assess information from a wide variety of sources.

Presentation of the Assignment

Present your arguments / answers in clear UK English with a good standard of grammar.

When answering questions requiring calculations and data presentation, remember to:

present your answer clearly;

include all steps in a calculation;

use SI units;

give your answers to an appropriate number of significant figures;

give all graphs, tables and diagrams a title; clearly label axes on graphs.

It is essential that all work that is not your own is referenced (see Plagiarism)

Where reference is made to legislation, guidelines and principles, state the full name and date.


All texts should be referenced using the Harvard System.

Assignments which are poorly referenced and/or overuse web-based only sources of information will be penalised.

The assignment

Description of assignment

With reference to a particular source of effluent (e.g. urban runoff, domestic effluent, or from a specific industry e.g. dairy processing, paper production etc.), critically evaluate the quality and problems associated with the untreated effluent, how the effluent can be treated, and the EU /UK legislative and policy drivers for the current position.

The assignment must address the following aspects

The report must evaluate the source of the effluent on a national and international scale.

Quantify the problems caused by the effluent if released into the environment, the scale of the impact, and the techniques used to treat the effluent, together with any potential developments in treatment. How those potential adverse effects are mitigated by treatment

Recent advances in the treatment of that wastewater, and the requirements of meeting legislative requirements.

All sections must be supported by actual examples.

It is up to you which source of effluent you choose, but be careful to ensure that there is sufficient information available to allow you to undertake a high quality piece of work.


All texts should be referenced using the Harvard System. An on-line referencing tutorial is available via the University Skills Hub


It is not acceptable to only use one reference source for each industry. Your references should come from journals and high quality scientific publications (NOT text books or web sites). Minimum number of references: 20.


Word limit: 2,000 words (excluding tables and references).

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