Retail Store: Costco Wholesale Corporation

You are recruited by a management consultant company and you currently hold the consultant position and tasked to conduct a critical strategic analysis of a company which is planning to expand its business to UAE, provide the company with suitable strategies which can be implemented before expansion

Your report should include a thorough critical analysis of the major strategic issues faced by the company, conduct a strategic analysis of the business or organization. This should include an internal analysis, micro (industry) analysis, macro-environment analysis, etc. Your report should also identify and critically evaluate the strategic alternatives available in any given situation in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and conclude with recommendations to assist the company in dealing with its major strategic problems during the implementation stages. (or if the company is currently successful, focus on the continued improvement of the company in the long term).

You can select one of the manufacturing OR service industries given below and chose a company within the industry and get approval (tutor) from the management

Food processing

Personal care

Health care





Commercial banks

Food delivery

Hospitality and entertainment

Internet based

Retail stores

Recommended issues to be discussed in the Strategy Analysis Project.

These are recommended issues only. Students may combine some of these issues, leave some out if they are not relevant, or add other issues if appropriate.

  1. Executive summary (cover page, summarizing the main points of your strategic analysis ,as below).
  1. A brief description of the organization and the analysis of the current business strategy.
  1. An external analysis (at the industry/macro-environment levels) to identify the trends that are likely to emerge in the coming 3-5years. What potential opportunities and threats do these present for the organization?
  1. A “Five-forces” analysis of the industry the organization is based in. Apply this model to discuss what the competitive position of the organization is and how the change at the industry/macro-environment levels would affect its competitive position.
  2. An internal analysis, including the Organisation Capability Profile and Strategic Advantage Profile need to be carried out to identify the impact of the capability factors and also to ascertain the nature of impact
  1. Based on the above,  identify and critically evaluate the strategic position (using any one corporate portfolio technique) and identify the strategic alternatives (at the corporate level) available in any given situation in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage
  1. Identify the major strategic issues and challenges that the organization is likely to face during the implementation phase. How would this affect the organizations competitive advantage?


  1. Suggest recommendation for addressing the strategic issues identified and how it should be implemented.

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